30 Days to a Better Brain: a step-by-step programme

So, a book that promises you will have a better brain in 30 days. That’s exactly what the iconic wellness resort, Canyon Ranch is proposing in its new (ish) book 30 Days to a Better Brain. Issues of forgetfulness and brain degeneration are high on my list of concerns and I supplement my diet to maintain brain function and am very keen on brain training, so this is perfectly pitched.

30 Days to a Better Brain front cover

It begins with an overview of how the brain actually functions – it’s in these first few chapters, which set the scene for the rest of the book that most people might get lost. It’s a touch heavy on the science, but it is necessary, and the chapters are well written and accessible, which makes it interesting and informative. You begin to realise what an amazing organ the brain actually is. This is followed by a practical step by step programme for improving memory, concentration, mood and overall wellbeing.

I read the book in stages and found it fascinating. It addresses the gap between increased longevity and good physical health and degeneration of brain health. Basically, while people are experiencing longer and healthier lives, our bodies are sometimes outliving our minds and doctors are treating more cognitive decline than ever before. But all is not lost – this book adequately demonstrates this.

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There are three key principles in the 30 day programme: maximising brain function through nutrition; daily brain health workouts; and meditation, mindfulness and spiritual contemplation.

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Using the book’s step by step guide to make lifestyle changes incorporating these principles, readers are promised improved memory, mood and sleep patterns; faster and more accurate thinking; greater efficiency; better balance; more energy; quicker reactions and reflexes and increased self-confidence.

It’s a great book – practical, with the science to support its key ideas and written to engage the reader, hopefully ensuring a great outcome – better brain health.

About the author

The author of 30 Days to a Better Brain, Richard Carmona, is Vice Chairman of Canyon Ranch and founder of the Canyon Ranch Institute, the goal of which is to deliver the content of Canyon Ranch to underserved communities throughout the world. Born to an immigrant family in Harlem he enrolled in the army at 17. From there he educated himself, studying at Bronx Community College on a course for Vietnam veterans and funding himself via jobs as police officer, ocean lifeguard, paramedic, registered nurse, and doctor’s assistant. He then moved to the University of California School of Medicine, and ultimately to the University of Arizona where he became a professor, gaining a master’s degree in Public Health Policy and Administration at night school. He has also served as Surgeon General of the United States.

Richard Carmona

About Canyon Ranch

Set in the lush Sonoran desert, surrounded by scenic mountains and beautiful canyons, Canyon Ranch’s flagship resort opened in 1979 and is located on 150 rugged desert acres in the foothills of Tucson’s Santa Catalina Mountains. The resort provides a powerful and energizing environment for adventure and personal discovery. A philosophy of wellness warms its very core.

Canyon Ranch, Tucson

Canyon Ranch, Tucson

Visitors come to calm their mind, challenge their body, indulge in spectacular body treatments, and experience healthy living. With unsurpassed staff – including physicians, exercise physiologists, nutritionists, fitness experts and more – it’s little wonder that Canyon Ranch is the only 11-time winner of the Condé Nast Traveler readers’ poll for Best Destination Spa.

30 Days to a Better Brain is available on Amazon, priced at £10.94

Availabe from www.amazon.co.uk


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