5 Reasons Men Should Practice Mindfulness

Men should practice mindfulness

Men should practice mindfulness. It’s something that I have written about before and I have now invited Paul Joseph from Health and Fitness Travel to comment on the growing trend of mindfulness and round-up 5 Reasons Men Should Practice Mindfulness. Paul says….

Women are attracted by practicing mindfulness more but things are changing and more men are starting to see the benefits of integrating mindfulness in their daily life. Paul Joseph, co-founder of Health and Fitness Travel, the leading specialists in tailor-made wellness holidays worldwide looks at 5 reasons why men should give mindfulness a good attempt and embrace the challenge.

The art of mindfulness focuses the thinkers’ attention on their inner thoughts and emotions without fear of judgment. Men should practice mindfulness to re-focus their minds, to achieve inner balance and stability, with a mindfulness retreat being a relaxing opportunity for those looking to re-connect with their mind and body.

Men should practice mindfulness

Attempting to balance the pressures of home and work life can result in a stressed emotional state, so practicing mindfulness will help men to remain calm, support their own well-being as well as their loved ones. Discovering our true self is something that can be done daily as the regular practice will help us with all of our day-to-day engagements.

1. Prioritise Yourself

With the ongoing pressures of everyday life, it can be easy to forget that everyone needs to take a moment just for themselves. Take the opportunity to pause and refocus on the present which can do wonders for your inner well-being. Men should practice mindfulness to regain their awareness now and later improve their overall quality of life.

2. Be Calm, Become Compassionate

Just being calm can allow men to see things earlier and respond with more sensitivity, particularly to emotional or difficult situations. Exploring your inner self on is an important experience for men as science suggests they find reading emotions more difficult than women. Practicing mindfulness enables men to understand themselves, which in turn makes them more compassionate towards those around them.

3. Mindful Health Benefits

Mindfulness is rewarding for men as it slows down their habitual reactions and ultimately leads to a more harmonious lifestyle change. This practice clears the mind and allows the thinker to process scenarios with greater clarity and finer judgement. Try a meditation retreat and increase your focus to achieve a more productive and beneficial work and home life.

4. De-stress not Repress

Most men handle stress internally as the natural response to either act aggressively, or completely shut-down, results in an unhealthy repression of their emotions. It is necessary for men to practice mindfulness, to focus on their well-being through de-stressing and relaxation. Travel to an exotic location with the full intention to de-stress on holiday where you can focus on a healthier lifestyle.

5. Stay in Control

Embracing mindfulness will ensure men unwind with a healthy and positive mind-set. This technique of brain-training is helpful for men, as using breathing techniques to recognise when their attention is wandering, will lead to greater control of their everyday lives. Men will find a healthy and calming experience on a wellness retreat and travelling solo is the perfect way to re-connect with your body and mind.

About Paul Joseph:

Wellness Travel Specialist and Entrepreneur, Paul Joseph, is the co-founder of Health and Fitness Travel, a global leader in wellness holidays worldwide. Always ahead of the curve in pioneering new health programmes that revive the soul, boost fitness or address serious health issues, the worldwide wellness tourism industry has now become a multi-billion sector, growing faster than travel in general. Paul has a wealth of PR, Marketing, Sales and Management experience in the health and tourism industry, consulting leading hotels on their wellness strategy and contributing regularly to broadcast and media interviews.

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About Health and Fitness Travel:

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