8 Spring Health Tips for Men

Spring health tips for men

Spring has its great sides, certainly, but it’s also loaded with shortcomings, particularly in relation to health. The changing temperatures, stress, pressure changes, along with several other elements that accompany the season make for a perfect playground for flu and other common health mishaps. Keeping healthy isn’t as difficult as it may seem, and with just a bit of effort you can manage to keep all the negative side-effects of the season at bay, so let’s not waste another minute before finding out what they are. Writer Peter Minkoff outlines 8 Spring health tips for men.

Start from outside

There are men who are already familiar with the importance of proper skin grooming, and then there are those who still need a friendly reminder. As you know, your skin is the very first thing that people notice about you, and more than that, it’s an important part of the body that takes a serious hit once the temperatures drop. The skin becomes flaky, dehydrated and several issues can arise – rosacea, chronic dryness, clogged pores, just to name a few. Therefore, it’s vital to find a skincare regimen and products that work for your skin type and concerns and stick with them. Trust us, you will recognize the difference in no time.

Clean your diet

With all the partying and the holiday food behind us, it’s time to get back on track, diet-wise. Some of the best foods out there that are bound to keep your immunity in spick and span shape are so amazing at their job that they’ve been called ‘superfoods’ by nutritionists around the world. Organic products, such as berries, along with greens and some not so pleasant-tasting, but highly beneficial foods like garlic and chia seeds are all here to help you fight the good fight and keep your health intact. Thanks to the number of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants these organic superfoods are packed with, you’ll definitely enter the safe zone. The best part is, you can get organic food online, make various morning smoothies and even easy and simple meals that are perfect for men on the go who don’t have a lot of time to cook.

Relax and unwind

We tend to feel a bit tired and sluggish at the beginning of spring, but that’s just the ‘winter blues’ fading, a very real mood, with the exact medical term is being a seasonal affective disorder? One of the most common causes is the fact that the days are shorter, hence our exposure to sunlight is lessened. It’s, of course, caused, among other things, by stress, so aside from good food and physical activity, there is one more thing you can do to relieve your mind and body from stress. Grab your partner and book a great relaxing couple’s massage every time you can. You’ll be stunned with how beneficial these are for both the muscles but also the mind.

One thing, seven benefits

As you are probably familiar, flu isn’t the only health issue you can come face to face with during this season. There’s also a serious amount of stress that tends to creep in, along with slower metabolism, and a general drop in serotonin and endorphin levels that come as a result of the post-holiday period. In order to fight all of these, and much more, you simply can’t put exercising on hold until the weather conditions improve. Regular exercise, even low-impact, has a massive impact on your cardiovascular health, quality of sleep, energy levels and even sex drive, so whichever your favorite form of exercise is, make sure you return to it.

Don’t miss out on enough sleep

The truth of the matter is that we tend to anticipate having boundless energy when we leave our semi-hibernating winter state behind. However, we fall victim to substantial sleepiness as the seasons fluctuate, this is often due to the fact that our bodies need time to adjust their sleep-wake cycles in order to match the new patterns brought upon by spring. You can always rely on some of the best sleep products and get those 7 to 8 hours so that your body and mind can function normally.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

This is universal for all seasons. But it is especially important for spring health and the summer months as we start to get more active. We need to have a sufficient fluid intake in order to avoid dehydration and to help our body, and especially our skin stays healthy. So keep a bottle of water at your side at all times.

Get that sunscreen out

Yes, yes it’s not summer yet, but you still need to protect your skin. As we tend to enjoy the spring weather and spend more and more time outside, our sun exposure increase

And for our pale, post-winter skin even the mild spring sun rays can be damaging. So make sure you apply sunscreen before you go outside. You don’t have to do it as often as you would during the summer months, but you should definitely include it in your daily grooming routine so as to ensure the optimal level of protection.

Final touch

Finally, as you are not trained to be your own doctor (unless you are a medical professional), it’s paramount, during this season, in particular, to get regular checkups. If you have any doubts and notice even the smallest sign of an impending disease lurking in, don’t neglect the signs or try to diagnose yourself. Pay a visit to your physician and make sure everything is in order. After all, the saying ‘better safe than sorry’ isn’t for nothing.


Peter Minkoff is a health and grooming writer at The Beard Mag. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.