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Voya Lazy Days reviewed

Voya Lazy Days

I’ve been a fan of Voya for some time and was privileged to visit the home of the brand on the West Coast of Ireland a few years back to learn about the benefits of seaweed and the joys of a seaweed bath – which you can now enjoy at home thanks to the spa-at-home seaweed bath in a box – Voya Lazy Days.

Voya hand-harvests organic seaweed using traditional methods and combines it with Dead Sea salt to create Lazy Days. The seaweed is dried using a special technique and packaged and sent around the world so that everyone can enjoy the hydrating, skin-caring benefits of a relaxing seaweed bath.

Voya Lazy Days - The Spa Man

Voya Lazy Days

Placed in hot water, the seaweed naturally rehydrates and springs back to life in an instant and releases a kind of alginate which is both soothing and moisturising. It feels great on the skin and because the seaweed is in a mesh bag – its not too weird on the skin. For a full experience I ripped the bag open to allow the seaweed to float freely in the bath and I think it released more alginate (just my thoughts). If you squeeze the seaweed it will release more of the hydrating alginate gel and you can rub it across your skin and body too for a spa experience like no other. If you keep it in the bag its easier to dry out and reuse (within three days) making it excellent value. After a long soak I scooped up the seaweed and popped it onto my compost – it makes excellent garden fertiliser.

Voya Lazy Days - The Spa Man

Placing Lazy Days into the hot bath water

It does make the bath a bit slippery so be careful hopping in and out and it does smell of the sea. I quite like it but my partner wasn’t so keen on the smell.

Voya Lazy Days - The Spa Man

The Spa Man covered in seaweed with Voya Lazy Days

About Voya

Voya is a spa brand renowned around the world for it’s range of organic seaweed based products and treatments. It began its journey from fairly humble beginnings as family-run seaweed baths established by Neil Walton near his home in Strandhill, County Sligo on the wild Atlantic coast of Ireland. I got to visit the baths and enjoy a seaweed bath in the home of what is now the spiritual home of Voya. I had the chance to visit the headquarters, interview brand founders Mark and Kira Walton, check out the factory (where Lazy Days and all of the products are made) and also go seaweed harvesting on the wild Atlantic coast of Ireland.

Voya Lazy Days - The Spa Man

The Spa Man learning about seaweed harvest in Western Ireland

Voya Lazy Days £17


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