I experienced an energy session with Anne Lewis, facilitator of Rites for Life

Rites for Life - Anne Lewis

When I was in Sydney earlier this year I was introduced to Anne Lewis, facilitator of Rites for Life. Anne is an unassuming woman with a gentle manner and calming presence. Her one-to-one sessions are renowned amongst those in the know and definitely something to seek out for those in need of balance and rejuvenation. Sessions combine energy work that focuses on the chakras and meridian lines. But each session is totally unique and I guess they would be different each time too, depending on your needs, state of mind and current physical, mental and spiritual situation.

At the time, I had been travelling quite a bit, was a touch jet lagged and felt rather tired. My session included some vibrational energy work which focussed on the stomach, where I hold stress. She instantly identified this weak spot for me and spent much of her time releasing the energy flow in this area and spent some time focussing on the liver too. I felt an incredible release and an expansion of the whole torso.

Combing some conversation and discussion with energy and body work, the session is vibrant, enlightening and engaging. Some light massage and stretching of my hips, and lower back was a blessed relief and she focussed on a few weak spots working to release some sciatica pain. It left me feeling lighter, relaxed, with an air of serenity and totally at peace.

The power of touch in an incredible thing, when combined with energy healing, this is potent stuff. Anne doesn’t profess to be a guru and shies away from any label like this. Labels constrict and pigeon hole people. But to fully describe what you get from a one to one session? She is a facilitator, a confident, a conductor of energy, a guide, I felt all of these things were appropriate. Cocooning, comforting and rejuvenating, I felt an incredible sense of openness and lightness after the session. I felt much more open to new ideas and to the future. And also very happy to let go of the past. Physically at one with myself and mentally more in tune. I can’t wait to meet with her again.

Rites for Life - Anne Lewis

About Anne Lewis and Rites for Life

Anne Lewis is a dynamic and energetic life coach. Based in Sydney, Australia, Anne is accredited with the International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA) and a Yoga Teacher Trainer with the Yoga Association Australia (YTAA).

Anne practises and teaches meditation, is a qualified nutritional counsellor and also has a complete certification in Reiki. For over 20 years she has worked on a global stage as a public speaker, yoga and meditation teacher and Rites for Life facilitator. She is highly sought out by individuals, communities and corporates.

Anne began teaching and practising the popular Five Tibetan Rites many years ago and over time she extended and deepened the practice that was guided by an ancient wisdom. This advanced practice is a step in evolution poignant for the times we are in now. The resulting Rites for Life Program is transformational for the mind, body and soul. Each interaction with Anne feels unique and her heartfelt commitment to others is always an invitation for growth.


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