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Six of the Best Beard Oils

Best beard Oils - The Spa Man

The Spa Man picks six of the best beard oils. Designed to smooth, nourish and condition the beard, this category in the men’s grooming market really is having a moment. Beards continue to be “on trend” and no, we haven’t reached peak beard yet. That’s just the shaving companies trying to create a story.

Adding a fine sheen to the beard whilst conditioning the hair is an essential part of the beard grooming ritual. Oils give less shape and style (balms and much better for that) but they do also work to condition and hydrate the skin if you work them through the hair. With all of these oils you will need to wash your hands afterwards. Some are really stubborn and take a while to remove. So here’s The Spa Man’s tried and tested selection of the Best Beard Oils.

Brisk Beard Oil - Best Beard Oils

Brisk Cedarwood Beard Oil

Apparently one Brisk grooming product is sold every minute. This beard oil contains a blend of natural and essential oils harnessing the earthy properties of cedarwood for its spicy, woody notes. This natural oil combines nourishing sweet almond, avocado, argan and jojoba oils in an ultra-light formula that is quickly absorbed. It had a light texture, was easy to apply and the cedar wood was the perfect scent.


Boots and Waitrose


Hawkins and Brimble BEARD OIL - Best Beard Oils

Hawkins and Brimble Beard Oil

A light scent of coffee is detected when you apply this to the beard, not unpleasant at all especially first thing in the morning. It provides a light sheen to the beard, but this was lost on a thicker fuller beard. Contains argan oil, renowned for its moisturising benefits thanks to its high vitamin E and fatty acid content.

Best for short beards


Lock, Stock & Barrel

This argan oil based blend was really difficult to get out of the bottle as it had a really thick consistency. It was quite greasy and didn’t add a lot of sheen to the beard. It does nourish the skin if you have a shorter beard. It had a slightly sweet smell. Can be used as a pre-shave oil too.


Harvey Nichols

American Crew Beard Serum - Best Beard Oils

American Crew Beard Serum

More serum than oil, this added a light sheen to the beard but had a thicker consistency than an oil. A touch greasy but was hydrating to the skin with a short beard. No real scent detectable. It is really hard to remove from the hands.

RRP: £12.95

great british grooming co beard oil

Great British Grooming Co.

A great smell and its not too greasy. Provides a nice finish to the beard and doesn’t leave it heavy with oil on the beard. Less is more with beard oils and the dispenser delivers way too much products per pump, wasting lots of product. That could be refined.

Best for thick beards



Jack Black Beard Oil - Best Beard Oils

Jack Black Beard Oil

Jack Black Beard Oil has a similar consistency to glycerine. A little goes a long way and for a short beard one pump is enough. No scent and its easy to remove from the hands. leaves a glossy finish.