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Bobos Juicery

January is the month when you are presented with diets, detox and deprivation. Yes, its all very well, but to be honest the whole concept of detox is rather questionable, ture, you might need to diet – but deprivation – forget it.

There are plenty of ways to live a healthier life by choosing a balanced approach to eating, food portions whilst ensuring you get all of the nutrients you need.

Enter – BoBo’s Juicery.

I had the opportunity to try a pack of BoBo’s juices and was impressed with the range of chocie and most importantly the flavour.

Founded by Jo Symes in 2013, BoBo’s Juicery was created to fit in with our increasingly busy lives, offering a healthy alternative for those on the move.

Bobos Juicery

The process:

All of BoBo’s cold-pressed juices and smoothies are made from organic produce sourced from BoBo’s gardens in Somerset as well as select farmers within the M25. Wherever possible, produce is sourced from Certified Soil Association farmers and growers. After picking, the produce is taken straight to the cold press, which uses a hydraulic press to squeeze out all of the nutrients.

With a range of nine different flavours, including: Mind Blowing (banana, buckwheat, date water, hemp seeds, Himalayan pink salt and Ho Shou Wu); Feels So Raw (celery, coriander, cucumber, parsley, romaine and spinach) and Worn Out (apple, chia seeds, pineapple, maca and pH9 filtered water), there is a juice for every taste.

I loved:

Detox Dandy: Beetroot, Carrot, Coriander, Fennel, Lime, Parsley

It was earthy but with a natural sweetness froom the carrot and beets.

A Bit of Ruff (age): Apple, Cucumber, Ginger, Kale, Lemon, Pear

An excellent blend of greens with the light sweetness of apple and pear.

Worn Out: Apple, Chia Seeds, Pineapple, Maca, PH9 filtered water

a fine balance of apple and pineapple for sweetness with the pick-me-up of chia seeds and maca. Pineapple can be overly sweet – this was perfect.

I wasn’t so keen on:

Brazilian: Agave, alkaline water, brazil nuts, goji berries, linseeds, raw cacao

Ok, this is good for you but it was a little chalky on the tongue – but on a cleanse diet this is more substantial and filling than a plain green juice.

The details:

BoBo’s Juicery delivers directly to their customers, making the ease of juicing accessible and convenient for any lifestyle. The juices are all packaged in simple retro medicine bottles, reflecting BoBo’s ethos for pure and clean living. All of BoBo’s bottles are made from the safest and most ethical plastic available and are available in a ‘grab & go’ size of 250ml.

From around £30 for a pack of six

BoBo’s juices can be purchased online at https://bobosjuicery.com/ ; by calling 020 7584 7805 or from the following stores: The Grocer on Elgin Crescent; The Grocery, Kingsland Road; Celestine Eleven; St Clements, New Kings Road; Patridges, Sloane Square.

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