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The Spa Man’s favourite shower gels

I can’t remember when we stopped using soap in the shower. I have memories of using soap still whilst at University in the early 90’s, but after that – I must have soon switched to shower gel. Coming in all shapes, sizes and scents, there are the good, bad and the ugly. It’s an important product as it’s quite often the first one you use in the shower, cleans you froom head to toe and has a big impact on you as you wake up. Get it right – it’s going to be a good day. Get it wrong, well I’ll leave that up to you. Here’s a round up of my favourite ones that I have been trialling over the past few months.   Thalgo Men Wake Up Shower Gel This has a lilght marine-like scent, is blue in colour (I quite like that) and evokes thoughts of the sea. It foams reasonably well, cleans in an instant and doesn’t require any extra effort. Thalgo Men Wake Up Shower Gel is boosted as it’s …

Holiday in Greece

I holiday in Greece every year, it’s where I truly relax and always feel supremely happy there, so the launch of ‘Holiday in Greece’ Travel set from Korres was like being treated to a mini-break. The cover shot alone instantly transports you to Santorini (which, if you have never been is a must-visit destination). Korres Holiday in Greece contains mini-travel sizes of Aloe &Dittany Shampoo, Basil Lemon Shower Gel, Basil Lemon Body Milk, Guava Shower Gel and Guava Body Butter. With scents and textures that personify the Greek experience, this is a great little travel set. If you have never tried Korres before – do it now. And it’s easy with the new Holiday in Greece set. £19, available from

Bodhi Ginger Brew

THE STORY: I nearly fell over when I took a whiff of this. OK that might be a bit dramatic, I love ginger and was excited to try this new launch – but seriously, if you love ginger – Bodhi Ginger Brew should be on your Christmas list, Birthday list and top of your shopping list too. It’s potent, packs a ginger punch and maintains this without any hint of a synthetic or manufactured smell. That’s no mean easy thing. An inferior brand would have delivered up a sickly sweet or chemically induced product. But no, not Bodhi. Designed to relieve muscular aches and pains it’s a potent blend of Plai, Galangal, Turmeric and Ginger oils. Inspired by traditional Thai massage techniques, this aromatherapeutic blend of essential oils helps to alleviate physical and mental stresses.  Ginger oils help reduce inflammation and soothe muscle aches and pains. It’s penetrates the skin quickly and is hydrating at the same time. THE SCIENCE: Plai –  Grown wild in Thailand, this uplifting oil is highly regarded for its analgesic, …

Terraké Men Anti-fatigue Shower Gel

THE STORY: Terraké is a spa brand that is one to watch. Not that well-known at the moment, but you will find it in some great spas including Stoke Park. I’ve had a spa treatment by Terraké – brilliant. I’ve recently have been trialling the Anti-fatigue Shower Gel for Men. It’s got quite a thick consisitency – almost like honey – but this is not sticky at all – it lathers up well, has a mild spicy fragrance and lasts forever. As you can only squeeze a small amount each time – it doesn’t come running out everywhere. So, you only use what you need. Genuis. THE SCIENCE: Contains Magnesium for energising vitality THE VERDICT: I really like the consistency and smell – it’s got my vote. THE DETAILS: £22.45 Stockist info: 020 7512 0872

Champneys Mineral Detox Bath Salts

THE STORY: Champneys Mineral Detox Collection was inspired by the popular Thalassotherapy treatment available at Champneys Spas. There are four products in the collection enriched with sea minerals and seaweed extracts to help detoxify the skin. I decided to give the Mineral Detox Bath Salts a go. It’s quite a potent smell and slightly sickly and synthetic. Once you mix it into a bath, it’s not so strong, but not my favourite. THE SCIENCE: The bath salts are formulated with a blend of seaweed extract and sea salt to help detoxify, leaving your skin feeling cleansed, smooth and refreshed. It’s said to have scents of patchouli, lemon peel oil and orange oil that are designed to revive and refresh. I got a lemony scent. THE VERDICT: Sadly, I wouldn’t bathe in it again. Sorry, thumbs down for this one. THE DETAILS: £8

Eyre BioBotanics Hand & Body

THE STORY: I’ve had this sample of Eyre BioBotanics Fusion Hand & Body Moisturiser on the shelf looking at me for ages. It’s in a pump pack (split into two chambers) which, to be honest, I thought was a bit of a gimmick. You pump the lid down and the cocoa butter and light gel come out together, you then mix them up as you rub into the skin. I still think its a bit of a gimmick – but agree, it’s a great hydrating moisturiser – particularly for the elbows and knees. It’s got quite a nice smell too. Light, fresh and really gets to work on dry skin. THE SCIENCE: The light gel is rich in refreshing Aloe Vera and Vitamin C whilst the cream contains Sea Buckthorn Berry and Cocoa Butter to condition and nourish. Boosted with Amino acids, Lycopene and Vitamin B5 it will leave your skin feeling energised and refreshed. Polysaccharides from Certified Organic Aloe Vera are a type of carbohydrate that stimulate skin repair and support the natural healing …

Molton Brown launches new sport range

THE STORY: Hot on the heals of its 40th anniversary comes the launch of Molton Brown Sport. A capsule collection of 3 products all targeted squarely at men and designed for the active guy. Of course you could be a fat, lazy pig and use them, but for me – this is the ultimate gym kit essentials range. THE SCIENCE: It’s channeling Vietnam in the fragrance line and ingredients. I picked up the lime and do agree, its great for after a work out. Fresh, light and uplifting. It also contains Cassia Bark and nutmeg (for a touch of spice). Guar gum helps to soften stubble THE VERDICT: My favourite is definitely the 4-in-1 Sportswash, it’s multi-purpose – tick, it smells great – tick and it does exactly what it says – tick. Use it as a shampoo, face wash, shaving gel or body wash to keep you clean and fresh. Now your gym kit is pared down from 4 products to one. I wouldn’t use this as my daily face wash – might be …

Super soft bath robes

THE STORY: One of the best things about going to a spa is donning the bath robe. I love a soft, white fluffy robe and feel a bit cheated when it’s a bit thin and obviously been through the wash one too many times. Get it right – and it bliss. It’s possible to recreate that “aaahhh” feeling at home and my top pick is from Sheridan. The Adena Bath Robe is so soft and comfortable you will want to keep it on all day and laze around the house. 100% cotton, 420 gsm in weight – this robe means business. It’s comforting and will give you a little hug when you are feeling poorly and you could answer the front door in it and not look cheap. I even wore the Sheridan Bath Robe for a recent photo shoot – modelled in the picture above. Price: £49

Are you man enough?

THE STORY: It’s a simple one – Manatomicals doesn’t take grooming too seriously. It’s not pious or pompous and it has a laugh with itself and you should get a giggle out of it too. The products are cheap and cheerful, great prices for a high street line and I love the names. OK, the appeal more to a younger audience (or young at heart maybe). You can get them in Boots and Waitrose (amongst others). With names like: Young Free and Tingle Are you looking to get picked up? You’re No-one’s beauty with B.O. From £2.79

Songkran – Thai New Year

Today marks the beginning of Songkran –  Thai celebration of New Year – an event that marks the beginning of the solar calendar (it translates as ‘the passing of’). It runs from 13th-15th April and the 13th is the most famous day – for throwing water. That’s why you will see it referred to at the Water Festival. Water symbolises the washing away of bad luck. I was in Thailand during this festival (17 years ago today) and the streets are crazy – the kids all have water pistols and buckets of water to throw (over you) and trucks trawl the streets laden with water drenching passers by. I was on Koh Samui and as it’s during the hot season – it’s a welcome relief to be drenched by the locals – and all in good fun. So it was timely that I got a release announcing the UK launch of Janjira, what’s said to be one of Thailand’s biggest selling skin and body care brands. The spa-inspired products are designed to balance body, mind …

circa 1973

40 years is a long time in any game and this year, Molton Brown is celebrating that very milestone with a Limited Edition Patchouli & Saffron Collection. A fitting tribute to the 70’s, the blend itself harks back to the year that ABBA first hit the airwaves with Ring, Ring. We are talking – 1973. I’m a huge fan of Molton Brown and the journey from hand mixing products above a salon floor in South Molton Street to the present day where you’ll fine it in high-end department stores and 5 star hotels is impressive. I have to say that on first impressions, I had to reserve my judgement on this scent. It’s quite floral and the inclusion of rose is fairly prominent. The Body Lotion is way too feminine for a guy (in my opinion), the shower gel – that certainly has a summery appeal and wouldn’t be out of place on a summer holiday – when the sun is shining, it’s hot outside and cocktail hour is drawing near. Patchouli and Saffron does …

Going native

THE STORY: I was born and raised in Australia so it was only natural for me to want to trial run Australian Native Botanicals. It’s a range of natural hair and body care products made using plants and ingredients that are native to Australia (and grown in an ethical environment). The range is now available in the UK exclusive to Marks & Spencer. I opted to try out the Moisturising Shower Gel as it contains some native Australian ingredients like desert lime and lemon aspen, with uplifting lemon grass. I thought it would pack a bit more of a heady punch. The scent is much more subtle,  it doesn’t blow your head off and most importantly, it doesn’t smell synthetic. The addition of lime and patchouli pure essential oils means that this refrehsing body wash moisturises, protects, revitalizes and tone the skin, improving skin health. THE SCIENCE: I think the science says it all. – Sulphate free. – No synthetic fragrance or synthetic colours. – No animal ingredients or animal testing. – 100% vegan. – …


THE STORY: Evoking images of bearded wild cavemen (and perhaps a few gay bears too), ManCave is a range of no nonsense skin and shower products for – you guessed it. Men. Free of parabens, sulphates (SLS and SLES), synthetic dyes and petrochemicals. This range is not tested on animals and has the Cruelty Free International logo to prove it. The ManCave FaceWash and ShowerGel have been given a trial run in The Spa Man’s shower for the past two weeks and gets the thumbs up. I would have swapped the consistency of the two products around though. I think the Shower Gel is a bit thick and takes a little bit of effort to wash with – and the FaceWash is a little bit loose – you end up using more than is needed. Maybe it’s personal preference – but that’s my input. So the FaceWash – nice smell, great extracts and ingredients and perks you up first thing and leaves the skin awake and most importantly clean. It’s citrussy and a bit zingy. …

Wax off

THE STORY: If you are blessed with a hairy back, chest and shoulders – it’s quite likely, there’s at least one of these areas you will wax, trim or shave regularly. Enter – Nad’s for Men Hair Removal Strips,  one of the quickest and easiest ways to remove unwanted hair for a smooth finish. It’s easier than a pot of gel or wax, there’s no heating and the product is already on the strips, so if you are relying on help from your partner – it’s much less fuss and doesn’t hurt anywhere near as much as a hot wax. There’s desensitising wipes to prepare the skin and cleansing wipes for afterwards.   There’s 20 in a pack and good value too. THE SCIENCE: It’s a wax infused with soothing peppermint (which helps, given that you’ve basically ripped the hair out from the root).  The pack comes with a set of wipes, one to use before and one for afterwards – and they did make a difference to the experience. The desensitising wipes (pre-wax) contain …

Inner Strength

Aromatherapy Associates is top of my list when it comes to aromatherapy blends and the launch of Inner Strength Bath and Shower Oil is no exception. Created by founder, Geraldine Howard (whilst undergoing treatment for cancer) the oil was designed to give her strength, courage and a positive frame of mind. An expert in the art of blending oils, Geraldine has combined the uplifting oils – clary sage and frankincense (to focus the mind and calm thoughts) with cardamon and rosemary (supporting physical strength), rose and vetiver (to calm and heal) and geranium (to stimulate circulation and balance the emotions). This is a potent formulation and really packs a punch. A little goes a long way and its fantastic that 10% of proceeds will be given to the charity Foundation ATK (Afweer Tegen Kanker Foundation/Defence Against Cancer that develops pioneering treatments for cancer. For more information see: £39 for 55ml Available from ,  Space NK, Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason, Liberty’s.