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Champneys Mineral Detox Bath Salts

Mineral Detox - Bath Salts


Champneys Mineral Detox Collection was inspired by the popular Thalassotherapy treatment available at Champneys Spas.

There are four products in the collection enriched with sea minerals and seaweed extracts to help detoxify the skin.

I decided to give the Mineral Detox Bath Salts a go. It’s quite a potent smell and slightly sickly and synthetic. Once you mix it into a bath, it’s not so strong, but not my favourite.


The bath salts are formulated with a blend of seaweed extract and sea salt to help detoxify, leaving your skin feeling cleansed, smooth and refreshed. It’s said to have scents of patchouli, lemon peel oil and orange oil that are designed to revive and refresh. I got a lemony scent.


Sadly, I wouldn’t bathe in it again. Sorry, thumbs down for this one.



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