Conscious Water really is a thing

Happiness Conscious Water - The Spa Man

Conscious Water is a 100% natural flower essence water enhancer, that when added to water, makes a refreshing drink that adds a bit of aspiration to your day. So says the introduction on the website. We all know we need water and we all know that we should be drinking lots more of it. This could well be the answer we are looking for.

In the spa post-treatment you will find jugs of water, often flavoured with slices of cucumber, lemon or lime. Conscious Water has come along to shake up the way we consume water, both in the spa and at home. It is based on the idea of flower essences, which some people believe are potent agents of change.

About flower essences

Flower essences are said to provide us with a natural way to adjust our body’s flow of energy. Flower essences are made by floating flowers in water and allowing the light of the sun to help the water absorb their energy. Modern flower remedies were first developed in the early 1930’s by Dr.Edward Bach.

Flowers are said to possess a unique force of energy that can be harnessed for an endless number of uses. Flower essences capture the energy imprint of a flower in water. There is no physical part of the flower in the essence, only its gentle but powerful energy. It’s believed that flower essences can help us release negative thoughts and beliefs, deal with day-to-day stress, focus our attention and even sleep better at night.

Conscious Water - The Spa Man

Conscious Water to Consciousness

Conscious water places great emphasis on being conscious in our world. I guess, a little like mindfulness. Being aware, being present, taking a moment to be conscious of your thoughts and feelings. The water ritual is designed in part to facilitate that. The act of breathing, of placing the Conscious Water essence into water and sipping it – enjoying that moment. This active form of consciousness I fully understand and embrace. The power of the flower essences – I’m not entirely convinced. Yet.

The Conscious Water blends are quite fragrant, and some were a touch sweet for my linking. They can help to enhance and remedy all sorts of things and include: Love, Sweet Dreams, Clarity, Serenity, Rejuvenation, Happiness. I’ve been enjoying Rejuvenation and Clarity because they are exactly what I need in my life. They contain only natural flavourings, no artificial colours and no chemicals or artificial preservatives.

Conscious Water - The Spa Man

It’s £13.50 for a pack of nine. They come as 5 ml sachets which you place the into a 250ml glass of water and sip.

You can buy them online.


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  1. Josh says

    Amazing product, I actually tried it at the Langham spa in London a few weeks ago 🙂

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