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A beer spa is like a gift from the gods for most men. You bathe in beer and drink beer – what could be better.

It apparently dates back to India over 4000 years ago and today there are spas (and breweries) offering it in the Czech Republic, two in particular are the beer brands – Krušovice and Chodovar. You can also experience it in the Zoto Beer Spa or Bernard Beer Spa in Prague’s Old Town if you are only there on a city break.

The basic premise is that you bathe in beer for about 20 minutes and then relax on a bed of hay for 20-30 minutes afterwards, all the while supping the amber nectar.

It’s said that the high content of hop essential oils contributes to purging the skin pores and to revitalizing the whole body, while the brewing yeast, with its high content of vitamin B and active enzymes, has a soothing and regenerating effect on the skin. Otherwise, it’s a great way to relax, have a few pints and chill-out.

Heated to between 34°C and 37°C the bath will instantly soothe your aches and pains and you will no doubt instantly relax. Most of the spas offer add-ons and you can include a massage as well.

A beer spa for one person will set you back 70 euros. Go with a friend and share a tub and its 100 euros.

Chodovar :

Pivni Lazne:

Zoto Beer Spa Prague:

Bernard Beer Spa:

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