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Energizing Cleanser

Sothys Energizing_Face_Cleanser - webTHE STORY:

Cleansing is essential for clean, healthy skin. Most guys give their face the once over with a face wash (at best) the others – usually a shower gel – stripping the natural moisture in an instant. I tend to use a face wash in the shower for speed, but when I remember to cleanse properly, my skin does look cleaner, clearer and it reduces the size of my pores. I’ve recently been converted to cleansing by Sothys and its Energizing Face Cleanser.  It’s a cross between a cream cleanser and light scrub. It doesn’t strip the skin nor does it leave the skin squeaky clean – which is actually a good thing. When it’s left feeling squeaky clean you have usually stripped away the healthy natural oils. With the Energizing Face Cleanser your skin is cleansed and hydrated, leaving the pores cleaner and healthier – job done.


It comes in a creamy formula that’s ease to use and based on Rhyolite grains. These exfoliating particles help to gently free the skin of impurities. It removes dead skin cells and cleanses blackheads without harsh grains or particles. You can also use it pre-shave to lift hair follicles for a smoother shave.


Easy to use and leaves the skin smooth, hydrated and looking clean again.


125ml – £ £24.00


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