Four Seasons launches #30DaysofEnergy

four-seasons-seychelles-yoga-636x431Feeling lethargic? Hate the dark nights and cold mornings? There’s a plan afoot to get you energised and awake. This November, Four Seasons is encouraging fans, followers and guests to infuse much-needed energy into their daily lives by participating in the #30DaysofEnergy challenge. Each day of the month, social media followers will be encouraged to try a different energizing tip or technique and invited to share their experiences along the way via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Participant posts will be shared from Four Seasons social media channels to inspire the community and showcase energy-boosting efforts around the world. Participants are invited to follow the hashtag #30DaysofEnergy and get ready to recharge.

It’s all designed to promote and highlight the launch of Energy by Four Seasons, a customised approach to combat stress, promote wellness, rejuvenate and re-energise the body and mind.

Four Seasons 30 Days of Energy

Different hotels in the group have created a locally-inspired collection of spa treatments, dining options and other energy-boosting solutions curated specifically to promote greater overall well-being both inside and out, and allow guests to make the most of each day. I am heading to Four Seasons Canary Wharf to try out the Dominate your Day Energy programme and will report back.

But in the mean time tune into Four Seasons online and on social media for the #30DaysofEnergy challenge. Get moving, get sharing and get energised.

I’m in – are you?


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