Germaine de Capuccini for Men – Energy Eyes Roll-on



Eye creams and gels marketed at men are plentiful. But the simple act of unscrewing a lid, squeezing the gel on your finger and applying to the eye area is yet one more thing to add into a grooming routine. For me – it’s often a step too far. I do it for a week and then promptly forget. The advent of roll-on eye products is a god-send. Unscrew the lid and roll-on. Done.

So in the name of research I have committed to a months trial of Germaine de Capuccini for Men Energy Eyes Roll-On. Light, fresh and easy to use, it’s anti-ageing and designed to target the signs of tiredness and wrinkles around the eyes. The roller is cooling on application and you know what – I can truly, honestly see the difference to my wrinkles. They are smoother, look less pronounced and (generally being a bit of a cynic) am well and truly sold.


Contains Micro-Dermoxine complex that works to reduce the length and depth of wrinkles.

Caffeine and Organic Silicon reduces puffiness

Birch Sap & Trace Elements provide the skin with energy and also help lift and firm the area.


I can honestly notice the difference – OK it’s not an eye lift or nip and tuck – but it has reduced some of the lines (of which there are plenty).




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