Health Checks at Macdonald Hotels


Macdonald Hotels has launched new Vital Health & Wellbeing Checks, available at 17 Macdonald Spa Hotels nationwide.  It is one of the first hotel groups to introduce the checks which begin with an initial consultation, during which the expert team will go through a 1-2-1 Lifestyle Review.  This covers areas such as stress, nutrition, drinking habits, smoking, activity levels and most importantly talk through current health status, wellness goals and motivation.

The physical checks test blood pressure, resting heart rate, body mass index (BMI), body fat percentage, Peak Flow lung function, flexibility and aerobic fitness. Assessment results and responses to lifestyle questionnaires are evaluated against the national average and presented in a report format with a traffic light system. It’s from this report that goals and objectives are set.

The programme includes an initial twelve week review, followed by 6 monthly progress updates and motivational boosts such as detailed graphs that show positive improvements and the chance to discuss areas that might be more of a challenge or need tweaking.

Joining concepts of health check, fitness and wellness are not especially new in themselves, but excellent to see incorporated into the spa environment for the health and wellness of clients.


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