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New spa treatments - The Spa Man

New spa treatments are launching every week and as trends and customer demands changes, so too does the nature and essence of the spa treatments on offer. In 2018 we are seeing a greater emphasis on spa treatments that enhances health, happiness and wellbeing. Sleep and mindfulness are two key themes running through new spa treatment launches this year as spas aim to improve our overall wellness. This is the Spa Man’s pick of the best new spa treatments.

Voya Mindful Dreams

I can’t get no sleep: Voya Mindful Dreams

We all need a bit of extra sleep and for many of us – it’s the most elusive thing in the world. So the clever people at Voya have developed Mindful Dreams, a spa treatment designed to promote a peaceful night’s sleep. Voya believes that good sleep is essential to wellbeing and the body’s inner balance (and I have to agree) and that the ability to relax both body and mind is essential to a healthy life (yep). The blissful sounding Mindful Dreams treatment combines a series of wellness and massage techniques that promises to calm the mind, whilst instantly reducing stress, strains and tensions in the body.

The treatment uses the therapeutic Tranquil treatment range of products and combines this with a heavenly full Voya body massage. It blends both Balinese and Hawaiian techniques (two of my favourites) and the massage includes rhythmic, powerful and flowing movements over the entire body. Calming and soothing the ritual helps to nurture inner mindfulness, calmness and serenity ensuring a restful, rejuvenating night’s sleep.

THALGO Merveille Arctique Spa Ritual - the Spa Man

From the arctic: Thalgo Merveille Arctique

Thalgo’s Merveille Arctique is a two-hour, sensorial body ritual that contrasts soothing warmth with invigorating cold to promote relaxation and a deep sense of wellness.

A new signature therapy incorporating natural ingredients from the Arctic Ocean, the treatment starts with a Korean relaxation technique, before a hydro-massage warm water bath, enriched with Icelandic Lichen Oleate. It also includes a body scrub with salt flakes and cryo-extract of Boreal algae then stimulates and awakens the skin. Sourced from the depths of the ocean near the Arctic Circle, Boreal algae is rich in glucuronic acid, calcium, iodine and other marine trace minerals that improve the skin.

Inspired by Scandinavian heat therapy, a subsequent ritual involving hot and cold temperatures is used to stimulate circulation and the metabolism, eliminating toxins. This includes elements of Swedish and deep-tissue massage techniques to release tension and stress. The soothing warmth of the spa therapist’s expert hands is followed by the invigorating chill of relaxing massage balls. The process concludes with a ceremony featuring exclusive and patented rocking and stretching techniques, which gently awaken the client from their relaxed state.

Comfort Zone Skin Regimen Urban Longevity Facial

[comfort zone] launches Skin Regimen Urban Longevity Facial

With this new facial (which is quite something) [comfort zone] delivers plant-based facial therapy to counter the stresses of urban life. The Skin Regimen Facial is grounding, renewing and reviving. It begins with a Qigong inspired the welcome massage, which is energetic and deeply relaxing. It acts on the upper part of the body to alleviate tensions, reactivate the circulation and promotes deep detoxification.

The Rolling Roullage is inspired by modern physiotherapy and is specific for the face and décolleté, stimulating collagen and elastin production. The facial uses key products from the Skin Regimen product range and is partnered with Macro Waves Sound which adds a mesmerising soundscape created specifically for Skin Regimen. It starts with a pulsating frequency and slowly merges into electronic musical elements blended with wildlife and subtle wind sounds to promote greater wellbeing. The facial rejuvenates the skin and leaves clients feeling recharged again. I really enjoyed this facial – it offers something totally unique.

Ytsara Tok sen massage

Ytsara Tok Sen Treatment

Ytsara has been doing great things for years, and has just had a rebrand and launched a smashing new body treatment. Ytsara Tok Sen is a sacred Thai massage technique based on anancient form of therapy that uses a special wooden instrument to tap away negative energy in the body and ease muscular tension. Using mechanical and sound vibration, it works deeply through the fascia and muscles to releasing muscular strain, healing both body and mind. It’s a bit like and wooden hammer and chisel and really does work its way into the muscles to release tension and stress. It’s a bit odd to begin with, but not much different than a hot stone or Lave Shell Massage.

This traditional form of energetic healing is particular to the Chiang Mai region of Northern Thailand and is thought to date back over 5000 years. The treatment promises to relieve aches, pains, improve circulation, remove energy blockages and release tension. Tok Sen is utilised in Ytsara’s Ultimate Deep Pressure Massage treatment and the Siamese Healing Herbs treatment. I tried this and absolutely loved it.

ESPA Inner Calm Massage

ESPA Inner Calm Massage Treatment

ESPA has developed a relaxing, holistic and rebalancing treatment to quieten the mind, release physical tension and nourish the skin. We all need to calm the soul from time to time and this works a treat. The Inner Calm Massage Treatment begins with guided breathing techniques using aromatherapy blends to help the client relax, detox or energise. These controlled inhalations help to slow the breath, releasing stress and anxiety, returning the body and mind to equilibrium. Warm neck pillows induce a sense of peace and a full body massage relieves and soothes muscle tension for total relaxation.

A calming scalp massage follows, using rose quartz crystals to connect to the heart chakra encouraging healing, improved circulation and reduce stress. The crystals are gently massaged over the third eye and into the forehead to rebalance the body, restore a sense of focus and create inner calm. Ideal for tackling emotional stress, low energy or insomnia the treatment relax, replenishes and restores the mind, body and soul. Perfect!

New spa massage - Aromatherapy Associates

Aromatherapy Associates launches wellness treatments

Aromatherapy Associates has created a series of wellness treatments utilising the knowledge and expertise of its wellbeing expert panel. Combining mindfulness, relaxation, communication and even laughter, the new treatments are said to redefine the spa experience. Featuring specialised massage techniques and powerful mindfulness exercises, the treatments nurture the mind and body and conclude with therapist-led life-affirming mantras and positive affirmations. The 60-minute treatments include: We Relax, to promote calm, sleep and reduce anxiety; We De-stress to quiet the mind and ease and aching body; We Revive restores vitality and We Strengthen boosts resilience. Tracey Woodward, CEO, Aromatherapy Associates said: “Our Wellbeing Expert Treatments encompass a complete 360-degree approach to wellness and focus entirely on the client, acknowledging how someone is feeling, connecting with them and treating them. The treatments are androgynous and designed to support a hectic lifestyle, which most of us tend to live by in this day and age. We want to acknowledge the concern with an intention to assist change rather than just provide a distraction, because selfcare is healthcare.”

First picture credit: Photo by Katherine Hanlon on Unsplash

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