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I love a bit of LUX*

I came across the LUX* ME range of spa products earlier in the year and was immediately impressed with the smart packaging and no-nonsense style. It tells it how it is. The Lemongrass and Marjoram Bath Oil is a heady mix of asian infused spicy oils which also includes peach, evening primrose, rose hip, peppermint, lavender and of course there is lemongrass and marjoram. You are instantly transported to a tropical island from the minute you pour the oil into a warm bath. Soak for half an hour – it’s bliss.

Ambiance spray

What I was most surprised about was my new-found love for the room spray. Give me a candle or reed diffuser – I’m there. But I’ve always associated room spray with air freshener and the rooms sprays I’ve tried up till now have been fake smelling, overly fragranced and really rather cheap. LUX* ME Mauritius Mango & Papaya Room Mist (how could you resist a name like that) is sweet-smelling and a true delight. It’s like opening the window and a tropical breeze blowing in. Mind you one spritz is enough for a standard sized room, a little goes a long way. I was really impressed how it freshens a room and brightens a dull day.

LUX amenities

LUX* ME is the spa concept from the LUX* Resorts and Hotels – which you will find in the most glamorous of locations in the Maldives, Mauritius, Reunion and China. With a main base in Mauritius, the company has a light, bright attitude to hospitality and a real commitment to wellness. LUX* ME spa is all about personalisation with an integrated approach to wellbeing and it does it very well. and it takes it seriously too – the company launched a new Wellness Concierge service this year and it’s gone down a treat. I’m off to LUX* Le Morne and Bell Mare in October so will be able to report back first hand on the spa, but for now, it’s time to enjoy the spa products at home.


  1. Emma says

    I was just wondering if the lux products are available anywhere in the UK or online to buy. I was at the Lux Belle Mare in October last year (we actually got married on their beautiful beach)
    I loved the toiletries in the bathroom – the various scents in the shampoo,conditioner,body wash,soap etc were so the best I’ve ever used.
    Would love to know if I can purchase them here or maybe I’ll just have to force myself to go to Mauritius again 😉

    • Hello, I’m not sure if you can buy them here in the UK. I was at Belle Mare and Le Morne last week and discovered even more of the fabulous products. I do believe that if yo contact the hotel/spa directly that they can arrange for you to purchase them directly and they will dispatch from Mauritius. I lvoed the products and had a brilliant time at LUX. Or failing that – perhaps another trip to Mauritius. Congratulations on your wedding. you picked the perfect spot for it.

  2. Ceren Özkan says

    hi i was in mauritius last year with my husband. can İ get the room spray mint tea? or how can İ buy it?

    • Hello,

      I don’t think they retail their products online – which is a great shame. I’ve never been able to find them. I am lucky as Im going to Lux next week so can top up.

  3. Patricia says

    Me too i went to mauritius and loved to purchase their beautiful room spray and can’t find them .I want to buy their room mist Any suggestionwhere to buy

  4. Ceren Özkan says

    hi, can anybody who comes from germany buy for me the room mist (mint tea) and shipping to me please.. Im looking for it now since 2 years but its nothing to buy online.. here my mail:

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