A man’s world: over 60% of men visited a spa in the last year


A new report by Spa Guide suggests there is a growing number of men visiting the spa. You simply need to visit any spa and you see it’s true. I have witnessed a growing army of guys in robes since I started The Spa Man and it’s set to grow. I know of some spas in London where the ratio of men to women is 50/50.

Spa Guide has named this new group of men ‘Spa-rtans’, which sees the modern man happily donning white cotton bath robes in spa, ready for a whole range of relaxing and grooming treatments.


The study also found:

Almost two-thirds of men surveyed (61%) had visited a spa, by choice, in the last 12 months to make use of its facilities and enjoy a treatment. And, nearly a third (28%) said they would choose a spa day over watching a sports match or going to the pub with their mates (I certainly would).

Interestingly the report revealed that some ‘spa-rtans’ want to remain a ‘man’s man’ in the eyes of their partner. Rather than share the experience with their wife or girlfriend, a quarter (25%) of male spa-goers admitted that they had hidden their trip from them because they didn’t want to look “too girly”. Eleven per cent cited a more selfish reason saying it was because they wanted to ensure they made the most of the relaxation on their own.

Hair removal, facials, a sauna and steam session and a sports massage are the most popular treatments being enjoyed by today’s modern man. These are closely followed by hydrotherapy treatments, manicures, pedicures, microdermabrasion treatments, anti-wrinkle treatments and body wraps, according to the new report.

Over half (52%) said they would consider going with their guy friends to chill out and escape the ‘daily grind’. Although only 12% said they were ready to make it a stag weekend destination.

Dermalogica Facial

Chris Perrett, Partnerships Manager (and Chief Spa-rtan) at says:

“In today’s whirlwind lifestyle men have a much busier role than past generations had. Sharing parental duties, juggling demanding work schedules, commuting long distances as well as being the ‘man of the house’ means many men are grateful for a haven they can go to that allows them to simply relax and enjoy some downtime in a peaceful environment.

“Men are much more passionate about keeping fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle now so spas are becoming a destination for them. So big is the trend for ‘spa-ring’, that it is encouraging many spas in the UK to offer exclusive ‘men only’ treatments. Guys are enjoying everything from facials and waxing before or after a workout in the gym or a sauna and steam session.”

Picture credits: Thalgo, The Lowry, Dermalogica



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  1. We can definitely vouch for this! We have seen a huge increase, especially over the last 6 months – the ‘Spa-rtans’ is perfect name. Most of the ‘Spa-rtans’ we have coming in are after facial treatments and massages. I can only predict ‘Spa-rtans’ to increase in the future 🙂

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