Jonathan Ward Assassin Belarus

Jonathan Ward elegant candles for the home

When Jonathan Ward creates a candle, you know that it will combine a sense of style, elegance with some drama and intrigue. The antithesis of a Yankee Candle (oh god) Ward has curated a collection of the most beautiful scents for the home, each with its own unique story – which evolves into a distinct blend, hand poured by Ward and his team at his private studio. Assassin Belarus, the latest addition to the line is possibly his most daring. It’s bold and hits the senses immediately, but beyond that, the layers of fragrance emerge which transport you to a world of spies, lies, double-crossing and espionage.

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Jonathan explains: “I was deeply inspired by the idea of creating a covert accord. The kind of accord of that was spiked with secrets. We purposely used multiple ingredients in smaller quantities so that they built hushed interest while remaining (almost) singularly undetectable.”

These aren’t just any pedestrian blend of oils and scents. At the base, you can expect Amber Extreme, Birch tar oil, Indonesian Patchouli and saffron leather notes.

The heart notes flourish with Virginian Cedar-wood and a beautiful Sri Lankan Nutmeg. an extra layer of Russian Birch tar enhancing depth within the depth.

Interestingly, the top notes focus on Sri Lankan organic black pepper. It’s a bold move that pays off.

In a world of blandness and run of the mill copy cat collections, Jonathan Ward offers something unique, distinct, truly British, yet otherworldly. Check him out now.

Assassin Belarus – £48

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