Korres Men’s Cleanser

Korres Ginseng Facial Fluid Cleanser jpeg TWOTHE STORY:

I am a huge fan of Korres. The ingredients, the packaging, the down to earth nature of the whole brand and the fact that it’s not only natural, but smells good and works a treat. My all time favourite from the range is the Korres Ginseng Men’s Cleanser from the men’s line. It’s not too strong, it doesn’t foam up too much and is just right for cleansing my face first thing in the morning. It’s not drying either. It’s quick, simple and easy.


Formulated with vegetable derived soap substitutes, this liquid gel cleanser does just that – deeply cleanses. Ginseng extract enables the delivery of nutrients to the skin, thus improving its tone, firmness and general look and feel. It has been formulated specifically to avoid over-stripping or irritating the skin – which I love. Just so you know, it’s also got Sage extract, Oat proteins, oligo-minerals and glycerins – so it’s quite hydrating too.


I do like waking up to this face wash. It suits my skin, my temperament and sets me up for a great day.


200ml RRP: £15.00


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