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Korres Santorini Vine

The Spa Man Korres Santorini Body 1Korres is quintessentially Greek to me. The ingredients, the collections and the inspiration. Popular right across the country, it’s widely available around the world and this year the brand launched two partner products inspired by the icon of the Greek islands, Santorini.

If you have ever been to this beautiful island in the Aegean, you will know it’s famous for the white Cycladic architecture,  a breathtaking landscape and the huge caldera (and some eye watering prices in bars with a view).

What you may not know is that the island is also famous for wine, particularly the white grape, Assyrtiko, from which this collection takes its inspiration. The range itself has a fruity note and grape extract which creates a distinct, naturally sweet aroma. Influenced by the volcanic soil in which it grows and the sea air, this collection is enhanced by additional notes of green apple, floral, citrus, peach and minerals – all reminiscent of green fresh blossoming vineyards…the scent of Santorini in the Summer.

The Spa Man Santorini Body Collection 2


RRP: £8.00 (250ml)

It’s fresh, light fragrance is easy on the soul and spirit first thing in the morning.  Wheat proteins form a protective film on the skin, maintainingits regular hydration level.


RRP: £10.00 (200ml)

Moisturising body milk, enriched with vitamins and trace elements, essential skin energy boosting agents. The combination of Almond oil, active Aloe, provitamin B5 and Shea butter provides long-lasting hydration while enhancing skin suppleness

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A note about the Assyrtiko grape of Santorini

A variety of white grape cultivated for wine making and indigenous to the Greek Island of Santorini.  The wine itself is lovely and I enjoyed many a bottle looking at the clear blue sea of the Agean on holidays a few years ago. The vine itself is grown in the dark arid mineral rich volcanic soil of the island, which contributes to the grape’s unique qualities. The vine dating back over 400 years, remains naturally pest free and survives by storing moisture from the sea mist within its roots…a mist that drifts across the island at night and is captured by the thirsty vine leaves in the form of a glistening morning dew.

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