Let’s talk about: dandruff



Dandruff is a common complaint amongst men and is, put simply, a flaky scalp.  The body continually sheds dead skin cells as new cells are formed, this happens all the time and you rarely notice it. But in cases of dandruff this process speeds up and excessive amounts of dead skin cells are released by the scalp. Little is knows about why – but stress factors and overuse of styling products are sometimes blamed.

So, with a little of the white stuff appearing on my scalp, I turned to Neutrogena® T/Gel® Shampoo, a no-nonsense product with a good name and track record. With clinically proven results, it helps eliminate dandruff from the first use.


Neutrogena® T/Gel® Shampoo:
• Has been developed with a team of dermatologists
• Contains Salicylic Acid which helps break down flakes into smaller, less visible pieces that can be easily washed away
• Doesn’t strip the scalp or hair of natural oils
• Relieves irritation and flaking, leaving hair looking and feeling healthy, when used regularly


Grooming Guru, Lee Kynaston says, “Dandruff can really knock a man’s confidence so using a product that’s fast and effective is essential. I’ve always recommended T/Gel to my friends and readers because it’s a clinically-proven, fast-acting product that helps eliminate dandruff and flakes. Problem solved!”

The shampoo range includes products for greasy, dry and sensitive scalps.


£4.39 for 125 ml

From Boots or call 0845 601 5789

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