Licence to…smell 007 Ocean Royale

007 fragrance


As Bond movies have grown in budget and popularity, the inevitable brand extensions have come flooding out. I was a bit sceptical of the fragrance line (call me cynical), but I gladly put my hands up and say – it’s OK. In fact the most recent addition to the line, 007 Ocean Royale, has impressed me so much it’s coming on holidays – my summer scent of choice. It’s fresh and light – won’t last all day – but great for a holiday by the sea.


It’s got a touch of refined teak wood at the heart of the scent. It’s base notes are again quite woody – guaiac and cedar wood and there’s a touch of sandalwood. I really picked up the tonka bean, not so much of the Jamaican coffee – but hey, everyone’s got a different nose.


Love it – a great day time fragrance. Spray it on, sit back and enjoy the ocean views.


£19.50 for 30ml


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