Manicures for men


The media interest in manicures for men really kicked off a few years ago when David Beckham and Johnny Depp were pictured sporting nail varnish. The popularity of male manicures is growing and a good spa menu with a dedicated section for men’s treatment should always include a male manicure. It might be perked-up and given a hyper-masculine name or simply say what it is.

10 years ago it would be rare for a men’s manicure to feature on a treatment menu and even rarer for guys to want it. But the growth of male grooming continues unabated and the fine tuning of beards, hair and the face are now standard. Rough, ragged or bitten nails simply won’t stand in the board room anymore, and men’s manicures are seen as an essential part of the pre-wedding grooming regime for men too (nails are very much on show in the ring photos).

If you have no idea of how to care for your nails, I also suggest having a professional manicure at a grooming clinic or spa and then maintaing the good work at home. Expect to pay around £20 for a good manicure – possibly more in spa. For home maintenance there is one great kit that I came across recently from Jessica Nails, aptly named, the Gentlemen’s Club.

There’s four products that do what they say on the label. Buff Cuticle Gel hydrates the nail (yes – you do actually need to do that), Scrub Away Hand and Nail Exfoliator keeps the hands free from rough and ragged skin; Smoothe Moves Hand Conditioner is a moisturiser with a fancy name and Matte For Men is a bit like a top coat for strong healthy nails – its dries matte so no one will ever know.

So it’s simple, book a professional manicure and then maintain at home. Done.



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