Marvellous Marvis



I wouldn’t normally rave about a toothpaste. They are usually mundane, minty and over-hyped with claims that I find hard to believe. Then along came Marvis. It’s a classic Italian toothpaste from Florence and not only packs a punch – it tastes like toothpaste should taste. Fresh, powerful and full of complex flavour.

It’s got a thick texture and each one combines an additional flavour – Jasmine, Ginger, Cinnamon, Aamarelli Liquorice to name a few. I tried Ginger Mint and was sold on the first trial run. After brushing three times with it, I can definitely confirm that is the business.

Traditionally packaged in silver tubes, the toothpastes do what a good toothpaste should – prevent tooth decay, tartar, plaque and whiten teeth.

Those super-cool guys at Niven & Joshua ensure that the UK is adequately stocked with this little marvel.

Am I raving? Indeed I am.

from £2.75                            

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