National Spa Awareness Week

national spa awareness week

Another week, another awareness campaign you might say? So, this one is organised by the UK Spa Association which has this year teamed up with the International Stress Management Association to raise issues of stress and promote ways in which spa can help combat the unwanted effects – of which there are many.

This year it’s more about education and information that simply plugging cheap deals in spas. That said, you will find some interesting offers at participating locations around the UK, but it’s not just a pack ’em in and sell ’em cheap promo.

Stress is big news and work is cited as the main cause of stress for one in three people and it is said that is costs UK businesses more than £1/2 billion a year.

This year, National Spa Awareness Week (4th-8th November) coincides with National Stress Awareness Day (6th November) and will be run in support of the military charity COMBAT STRESS.

National Spa Awareness Week, sponsored by spa brand, Germaine de Capuccini, brings together over 250 spas which will be offering a range of stress free solutions including promotional events, competitions, offers, fundraising activities and a range of relaxing spa experiences and packages.

Announcing this year’s National Spa Awareness Week, Head of The UK Spa Association, Charlie Thompson says: “We know that stress is responsible for over 50% of all work related illnesses.  By raising awareness and educating consumers, in particular the business community of the health benefits of regular massage and spa treatments, we are ideally placed to provide a proactive and preventative solution to help control this problem.  Instead of turning to alcohol, drugs, sleeping pills, anti-depressants etc, we are promoting regular ‘power massage’; simple breathing and release techniques; detox and sleep therapy.”

I’ve checked the site and in London the participating spas are mostly Virgin Active and Bannatyne spas. There are a few hotel and resort spas around the country – but again it’s primarily the health clubs spas. I was pleased to see two of my favourite’s getting involved – Rockliffe Hall and Ragdale Hall, check them out. You will find the spa finder on the website below.

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