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I have ALWAYS suffered from open pores on my nose and really hated it. They are enlarged, prone to gathering dirt (which makes them even larger) and despite a good cleansing regime and using daily face wash, regularly exfoliation and quality moisturisers, they remain mahoosive!

I was recently sent a sample of a new skincare range from Bioderma – the Sébium Pore Refiner. I thought I would give it a trial run (but to be honest thought it would dry my skin, with the effect lasting little more than a day). Ok, the first couple of days, I did think it was drying my skin – but after a couple of weeks it has settled back to normal. You apply it under your normal moisturiser. It works to contract the open pores and keeps then that way all day.

So, it’s only temporary you say. I thought the same, after quite stunning results I gave the product a rest and after 4 days off, the skin remains fairly healthy looking. They weren’t quite so taught and clean looking, but hadn’t returned to their usual self. I was impressed.

I apply this product after cleansing and after getting out of the shower. I splash my face with cold water, to close the pores and pop on a very small amount, no bigger than a pea. My pores are still there but they are greatly reduced in size and I think that this is a little miracle.


So what makes this work? The Bioderma Sébium range is designed to help keep oily and combination skin under control. Developed specifically to improve the appearance of enlarged pores in combination or oily skin (i.e. mine), Sébium Pore Refiner contains a unique patented sebo-correcting complex, Fluidactiv®, which maintains the quality and production of sebum, preventing clogging of the pores. This correcting fluid improves the overall appearance and texture of the skin, leaving it clearer, smoother and more refined.

It’s a light fluid that dries to a matt, velvety texture on the skin, apply your moisturiser over the top and you are done.


Sébium Pore Refiner – £14.80, 30ml

Available: John Bell & Croyden and www.escentual.com

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