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Online retail destinations for men are booming. It’s where most men shop for personal care and grooming products and Mintel found that some 3 in 4 men purchasing their grooming products online (USA).

Recently I’ve come across a new site – Regal Gentleman, which has a great little story.  Formed in early 2014 by Josh Blackburn and Liam Jennings, both from London and just 21 years old. They got the idea from visiting a barber shop, and felt there was a gap in the market for an online grooming retailer. Well, there are a lot of men’s grooming retailers – so what makes them different?

Placing an emphasis on personalised service with a great customer experience, each product is tested by the guys before being listed on the site, and for me it’s the diverse range of interesting brands that really gives Regal Gentleman a point of difference. Some nice, unique and really interesting products lines including two of my favourites: Sothys and Bodhi & Birch. The list continues with Jack Black, The Bluebeards Revenge, Joe Grooming and many more.

There’s a blog and a grooming guide with helpful tips and ideas on how to perfect your grooming regime.

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Check it out – there’s some great male grooming buys online:

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