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If I have a muscular ache or neck and should pain, I don’t always think that a spa should be the first point of call. Wellness and wellbeing clinics (without the frou-frou, tinkling music and water facilities) are popping up across the country to serve the aches, pains, ills and troubles, of what seems to be a troubled nation. Anamaya is a new wellbeing clinic that offers a whole spectrum of specialist therapies that help ease, relieve and resolve problems of mind, body and spirit. Situated in a quaint little mews just off Kensington High Street, its a modern oasis of calm – with experts in fields including acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, energy healing, homeopathy, massage, reflexology, psychotherapy and a host of mind, body, spirit treatments.



Like the majority of desk bound workers, neck, back and shoulder complaints are my number one concern. When this is really troubling me and I want true results, I rarely head to the spa, instead I seek out a specialist massage therapist with a background in sports or deep tissue manipulation. Anamaya has a whole team of practitioners and on my visit I was partnered with Shaun Gilmore (a fellow Aussie like me) who has been practicing in the UK and Ireland with sports teams and dance troupes and this guy knows his stuff. The majority of his non-sports clients are office workers who suffer postural problems. He was fascinating to talk to about posture (90% of his clients suffer due to pore posture) and since my visit I have really focused on improving my workplace routine and sitting position, getting up, stretching and moving every half an hour or so. A cross between sports massage, bordering on deep tissue, Shaun used a variety of stretching and pulling techniques to move, extend and manipulate the muscles, relieving tension and helping to normalise the relationship between muscle and the skeleton.



Learning about the relationship between the muscles and the skeleton – even sitting still at your desk – muscles are working hard (holding your frame in place)

Getting some much needed relief from neck and shoulder pain

Discovering a wellbeing gem in the heart of Central London


£80 for 60mins with Shaun Gilmore.

1 Adam & Eve Mews, Kensington, W8 6UG

ph: 0203 011 0355


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