Review: Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Blue Lagoon Iceland

The famous waters of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland are rich in minerals and algae that are excellent for time out, relaxation, healing and skin conditions. Famed for its blue-tinged geothermal seawater (which hovers around 37-39 degrees Celsius), you can bath outside, breathing in the pure fresh air of the Arctic Circle.

It is a most incredible experience, and one which was made more amazing for me when combined with an in-water massage. Positioned on a floating mattress and covered with a blanket (yes, in the water), I was expertly manipulated and massaged until I drifted into a state of pure bliss.

Blue Lagoon Water Spa treatment

It was snowing and zero degrees, but I was completely unaware of the outside elements. This really did set itself apart from any other treatment I have ever had. It only lasted 30 minutes, but it seemed like an eternity. Afterwards I was left to float around the lagoon, experience the steam cabin, sauna rooms and the exhilarating waterfall massage.

Blue Lagoon geothermal seawater is a part of a unique system where Iceland’s extreme environment produces active ingredients and healing waters. Rising from 2,000 metres below and travelling through porous lava, a blend of sea and fresh water undergoes mineral exchange.

Unique, active ingredients in the water – minerals, silica and algae – are renowned for giving the lagoon its aquamarine hue and for their beneficial effects on the skin. Most visitors visit the Blue Lagoon as day trippers to experience the new renovations, including changing and relaxation facilities, canteen and modern restaurant (I would recommend the seared tuna).

Blue Lagoon sunset - The Spa Man

These additions include private suites with a dedicated therapist, individual changing room, relaxation rooms and private entrance to the Blue Lagoon. Fruit platters, chocolates, drinks and lunch are available. It is a premium price, but definitely worth it.

The treatment menu at the Lagoon is not fussy or complicated, offering total body scrubs and a full range of massage and facials, all of which suit men perfectly.

What makes this unique is the on-site psoriasis clinic. People can visit for weeks at a time to really resolve problem skin conditions. Run in conjunction with the Icelandic Health Authorities, the 15 double rooms are modern and simple and have a fitness suite on site. Clients spend two-hour sessions soaking in the private lagoon attached to the clinic and receive treatments aimed at resolving their psoriasis.

Much more than a spa, the Blue Lagoon offers time out, relaxation and a break from reality. Lazing in the Lagoon surrounded by lava fields and soaking up the benefits of minerals, algae and geothermal seawater, I have never experienced anything quite like it!

Blue Lagoon Iceland - The Spa Man

DETAILS: Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Must try treatment: In-water massage, 10,200 ISK (£73) for 30 minutes.

Cost: Entrance to the Lagoon is 5400 ISK (£39)

Accommodation: In Reykjavik stay at the Nordica Hilton Hotel.



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