Review: Face Gym, London

Face Gym - The Spa ManTHE CONCEPT:

FaceGym was created by Inge Theron, aka the Spa Junkie, who in her role as spa reviewer for the Financial Times visited 57 spas, sweated through 32 types of fitness class, experimented with 25 anti-ageing treatments and endured 15 detoxes. She developed FaceGym: a four stage facial massage that is like a mini workout for your facial muscles. It follows the same rituals of the gym Warm-Up, Cardio, Strength and Cooldown – but all focussing on the face. And it makes sense.

Face Gym at Selfridges


It begins gently with a deep cleanse using knuckling movements – this was amazing. I loved the sensation of being knuckled.  Stretching and warming the muscles – pulling them and manipulating them into positions they probably haven’t been before (unless you are a gurning champion).

From here, a detailed protocol follows that works each area of the face paying particular attention to the eyes, eye bags and jowls. It’s vigorous but not painful. Pinching, pulling and stretching – but totally enlivening at the same time. Invigorating, it stimulates circulation in the skin – I could feel my face was flushed. It’s also great for stimulating collagen production and cell renewal.

Fine, precise massage movements work on the fine contours of the face, all working to lift, tone and tighten the muscles. The workout finishes with a cooling jade roller gliding across the skin to even skin tone and support lymphatic drainage.

Face Gym at Selfridges - The Spa Man

It’s an impressive facial and an excellent facial for men as it feels like its really doing something. It is in the running for the best facial in London. Louise – my therapist was great and she explained everything when I wanted to know – otherwise she just got on with the job at hand.

She included a few add-ons including the hyaluronic collagen face mask and some micro-current lifting which introduces the Pure Lift Face Technology: a low-level electrical current designed to trigger natural skin enhancement chemicals to tone and lift. It really did have a lifting effect. I could feel it and more importantly see the difference.


The stimulating face massage

Cooling face mask

Electrical stimulation of the face muscles


Somebody answer the phone.

The treatment suite is in Selfridges, there’s quite a bit of background noise. Which wasn’t such a problem – but the unanswered phone from the next concession distracted from the relaxation.

Face Gym at Selfridges - The Spa Man


Signature Workout: 30mins £35 / Course of 10 £300

Signature Xpress : 15mins £20

Add ons

+ SCALP / BROW / JAW LIFT: 10 mins £15