Review: The Massage Company, Royal Tunbridge Wells

The Massage Company - The Spa Man review

The Massage Company is a simple concept, it’s a wellbeing business that offers therapeutic massages for the masses. And there is beauty in this simplicity. Taking away the candles and tinkly bells (but keeping the soothing sounds reminiscent of spa music) this is the antithesis of a spa. I visited the location at Royal Tunbridge Wells which has 14 treatment rooms over two floors and includes one duo room.

The Massage Company - Tunbridge Wells

The reception area is simple, clean and modern, staff are friendly and welcoming, and the treatment rooms are fairly basic, featuring a treatment bed, chair for your stuff and a trolley for any equipment. It’s more wellness clinic than spa which is also evident in the experience. You are welcomed with a glass of water and a quick consultation. Post treatment there’s not a lot of time to linger. Once dressed it’s out to reception again (no post-treatment relaxation room).

The treatment menu – keeping it simple

The menu is straight forward, no nonsense and easy to understand.   There are four types of massage, explained in simple terms focussing on the technique and benefits. Choose from Deep Tissue, Sport, Swedish and Maternity. And there are four add ons: hot stones, scalp, aromatherapy and foot massage. The staff specialise in massage and this is the USP. All of the Massage Therapists at The Massage Company are highly-trained, possessing qualifications from both external training and our own fully certified TMC Training Programme.

The Massage Company Tunbridge Wells

You can book single treatments as a one off (special prices from £39.95 – but typically £79.95). Where this concept excels is the membership model. Pay £49.95 per month and you receive a 50-minute massage every month. You can share up to two of these sessions and roll over credit. There is a lot of flexibility and this helps to establishes regular massage as an important part of everyday health and wellness care. Just like healthy eating and a gym membership. Other memberships are available – but I think this option is the best value.

I’m a firm believer that massage should be a regular part of people’s lives. I’m lucky enough to have many treatments (it comes with the territory) and I know the benefits they provide.

The Massage Company - the Spa Man review

The treatment at The Massage Company

I opted for a Sports Massage as I have been working out a lot more and increasing weights recently so thought I would benefit from a more intense, targeted massage. The written consultation form is quite detailed and gives the therapist lots of info. We had a short chat about what I wanted to focus on and the type of pressure I prefer and then it was under way. The full body massage really focussed on my glutes (I’m doing lots of squats) and my back, neck and shoulders. The best bits were the work on my calves (always tight) and my upper thighs (again tight muscles). It was a good quality massage and I felt calm and relaxed but still alert and awake afterwards.

Open seven days a week and until 9pm weekdays, The Massage Company is making it easy to access the benefits of a regular massage. Especially for office workers hunched over a desk all day – you can pop along after work. Brilliant.

The Massage Company

There are currently locations across the UK including: Camberley, High Wycombe, Sutton Coldfield, and this location at Tunbridge Wells. There are plans to extend this franchise across the country. London is in desperate need for this. Indeed, every city is. Look out for a new location opening its doors near you soon.

I really love this concept, because at times, spa and wellness can appear elite and only for the luxury guest. The Massage Company is making massage therapy accessible for all. Fantastic.

The best bits

The soothing muscle stretching massage

I had the best night’s sleep afterwards

Water was served in silver cups (ditching plastic – hurrah!)

Room to improve

I received aftercare advice on paper – but would have preferred this directly from my therapist with a chat.

When trying to upsell a membership afterwards – maybe focus on the health benefits this could offer. The pitch was a little awkward.