Review: Spa in Dolphin Square, London



The Spa in Dolphin Square pays homage to all things Moroccan. The reception area is part retail area, part waiting room and you know you have arrived in a Moroccan themed spa. Ornate wooden walls and doors, sumptuous panels and fine touches of North African design give this a cosy feel without looking twee.

Once through to the changing rooms – its more modern and much more like a typical spa changing area. The rest of the spa keeps the theme going, some places it does it better than others. I liked the relaxation room with huge sofas, lots of reading material and it’s where you can enjoy tea after your treatment. The tea room didn’t quite pull it off so well. There’s a heated relaxation room with warmed loungers – they were really warm. I would alternate between here and the lounge during my day visit.

What really sets this day spa apart is the Hammam and Rassoul. It marks it out from the competition and is its true mark of distinction.



I was treated to King Solomon’s Ritual which begins with a traditional Moroccan hammam. Dressed only in my swimmers the spa therapist pours warm water over my body and then applied the most intense eucalyptus and olive oil mixture from head to toe. It’s supremely fragrant and I was left to lie there for about 10 minutes to rest. Next follows a most vigorous head to toe exfoliation with scrubbing mitts. This really is a vigorous scrub that removes all the dead skin from your body and really stimulates the circulation. It’s not for the faint-hearted but gets top marks from me and is an excellent treatment for men.

Once again, warm water is poured over me to remove debris and dead skin and it’s all done. I was truly impressed. The next stage of my King Solomon Ritual was a head to toe full body massage. A great way to round up this total body experience and conducted expertly by a therapist who knew how to apply firm pressure where it was needed most. I left feeling refreshed, revived and very much alive.

Treatment room 1


Definitely the hammam and body scrub

Mint tea to finish the ritual

Relaxing in the lounge


Normally £131.50

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