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My name’s Mark Smith and I’ve been a spa and grooming writer for over 18 years. I work as a media consultant in the beauty and spa industry and the rest of my time is spent trialling, reviewing and writing about spas and grooming products. I visit around 30 spas each year across the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

“As seen in The Times, The Guardian and Shortlist Magazine”

I’ve written features for Vogue, Tatler, Daily Telegraph, European Spa Magazine, Spa Secrets, Men’s Fitness, Asia Spa, The Spa Traveller, Sleeper, Professional Spa, Spa Ireland and a host of other professional and trade titles. I also write grooming features for men’s lifestyle magazines like BOYZ and Out in the City and was Grooming Editor for iamstaggered.com. A published author and former Editor-at-large of a Warpaint, I mostly like to write about looking good and feeling great.

Spa for me is more than just relaxing treatments and pampering facials. It’s a chance to take time out of your normal routine. It’s about stopping, taking stock of you and your health and then trying to live a happy and healthier life. That’s why I have introduced the section on wellness – it’s about developing a new sense of wellbeing, a touch of fitness and a great outlook on life. That means something different for all of us. I don’t advocate abstinence – just a  bit of balance.

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As The Spa Man, I write about great products, spas and treatments and put them to the test to see if they live up to their claims. I’m privileged to visit and review some of the worlds great spa locations – and I’ll share them with you.

PrintI’m also Contributing Editor on European Spa Magazine, where I work with one of the best spa writers I know: Sarah Camilleri. She gave me my first gig writing about spas and produces one of the finest spa magazines around. Have a look at European Spa Magazine – superb editorial and elegant design make it the best in the field (if I do say so myself).

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The Spa Man is available for freelance commissions and can assist with consultancy, advice, trends, brand development and copy writing for brands and websites. If you work in spa or grooming, you need to work with The Spa Man.

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