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SenSpa launches in Waitrose

SenSpa launches in Waitrose

Sen Spa launches in Waitrose The Spa Man

SenSpa launches in Waitrose much to the delight of fans of the spa. Based at Careys Manor Hotel in Brockenhurst in the New Forest its very popular on the spa circuit. Like a number of other big players in the spa market, SenSpa has created its own range of spa products which are now available on the high street in Waitrose right across the UK.

Made in the UK, the SenSpa Body Therapy Range has been formulated to be as clean as possible – 97% natural with no harsh chemicals or ingredients such as parabens, mineral oils, SLS and artificial fragrances. There has also been no animal testing or animal ingredients.

SenSpa Body Therapy Range launch

The SenSpa Body Therapy Range is divided into four categories these include Bath, Shower/Scrub, Body and Hands each with three main fragrances of Relaxing, Nourishing and Detox, all of which are made from 100% natural essential oils.

The Relaxing fragrance contains organic Lavender with a beautiful blend of Patchouli, Geranium, Bergamot and Bensoin.
The Nourishing fragrance contains organic Argan Oil with an exotic woody blend of Jasmine, Cedarwood and Ylang.
The Detox fragrance contains organic Seawood with the SenSpa signature fragrance blend.

SenSpa launches in Waitrose

The exclusive SenSpa Signature scent uses nine essential oils uniquely selected and blended to create a spa ambience reminiscent of the exotic East. This scent is uplifting and refreshing with citrus top notes, herbal middle notes and woody, floral base notes. It’s a comprehensive range of products with some great essential oil blends that are fragrant and uplifting  and at a great price point, given the blends and the natural formulations.m

The SenSpa Body Therapy Range includes the following: Muscle Soak, Bath Oil, Bath Salts, Body Wash, Body Scrub through to Body Butter and Hand & Body Lotion. The Spa Man particularly likes the Detox Deep Clean Hand Wash which has essential oils of sweet orange, lime and rosemary. The shower gel from this range is also a great way to start the day. A real pick me up first thing in the morning.

Prices start at  £5.95

Available from over 180 Waitrose stores around the UK and


  1. Lin Dyke says

    Really relieved to see no animal testing or ingredients in this range as I just love these products. Is there a reason it does not carry the “leaping rabbit” mark?

    • Hi, I believe that applying for the leaping rabbit mark is quite an expensive process. It might be worth posing this question to Sen Spa. they might aim to do it in the future.

  2. Catherine Keenan says

    I’ve just seen the Senspa products on special offer at my local Waitrose. I didn’t buy any simply because there was no ‘bunny friendly’ mark on the packaging. Just some wording to the effect that there was no animal testing on the description would have been sufficient.

    • Katherine, thats an interesting point. I think that companies have to pay for the bunny logo. I have a product from the Thai Rituals range and it says against animal testing. It was quite small. I would expect this to be the case across the range.

      I also looked online an on the website it clearly says against animal testing.

      I would be very surprised if a brand like Sen Spa used animal testing. Very surprised indeed. Have a closer look at the packaging when you are in store again. I love the products and recommend them wholeheartedly.

  3. Thank you for your interest in our products and your concern about animal testing. I can confirm that we are against animal testing. Our products are made in the UK and are not tested on animals. Mark Smith’s comment is correct. Using the leaping bunny marque is expensive; I was informed when we first created our range that each product had to be independently registered. However, I understand there have been changes to pricing and in April, Cruelty Free International, who manage the Leaping Bunny marque in the UK, will be in a position to inform me of their charges. In any case we will certainly look at providing wording, if not use of logo when we re-package or create new products.

  4. penny sullivan says

    I agree with the comments. Nothing on the packaging suggests no animal testing etc. I wouldn’t buy it if I didn’t know that your company was cruelty free. You really should state it somewhere. You’ll be losing sales from like minded people like us.

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