Humorous video of spa etiquette in Iceland

The tourist board for Iceland, Visit Iceland has launched a tongue in cheek video showing the spa etiquette required for spa-ing in the country. I have watched this humorous video of spa etiquette in Iceland a few times and it still makes me laugh. Iceland really is a magical place to spa, I’ve been to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland before and absolutely loved it. I had one of my most memorable spa experiences there. So, for this funny guide to spa in Iceland, you can watch the video below.

Produced through its Iceland Academy online “training course,” it aims to teach tourists the basics of a spa visit to Iceland, ensuring they make the most of their time in the country. I think that it should be shown in spas right across the world too.

Blue Lagoon in Iceland - the Spa Man

I absolutely love the new video which teaches visitors about Iceland’s hot tub etiquette. It’s introduced by a local known as Gudmundur,  who is head of spa etiquette. Gudmundur stands next to a naked man in a shower, and proceeds to demonstrate how to properly get clean in the shower before a visit to an Icelandic hot tub.

Whilst its actually quite funny, to be honest, there’s a strong message for everyone who spas. So often when I’m in a spa I see people who just jump straight into a pool, sauna or hot tub without having a shower, let alone ensuring that hygiene is properly attended to. Gudmundur takes us on a journey of how to cleanse your body properly. He says, “We take hygiene very seriously, and everyone is required to take a shower before entering the pool area,”

Discover Iceland - spa etiquette in Iceland



Then, with the help of the local in the video he demonstrates how to clean the body, along to the children’s song “Head, shoulders, knees and toes”. But in this instance it goes “Head, armpits, crotch and toes.” Totally naked, the more intimate parts of the body are appropriately blurred.

It’s been popular on Youtube and it’s laugh out loud material. It makes me want to get on a plane and head straight back to Iceland right now. And remember – have a shower before jumping in the hot tub!

Watch the Humorous video of spa etiquette in Iceland below:

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