Spa music

A lot has been written about the music used in spas and so often journalists simply refer to it as “whale music”. I can confirm that I have NEVER heard whale music in a spa. Certainly lots of asian inspired instrumentals, the odd chant and the occasional Enya album. Waves, rainforest sounds, even a few birds to a light instrumental track – they are all relaxing and suit the mood, but what I love is when a spa side steps the norm and embraces their own style. Smooth jazz or even a few chilled Ibiza beats are far more interesting to the ear. They need to be easy on the vocals to ensure that you aren’t singing along in your head and that it remains background and not central to the experience. I often dream up my ultimate spa music playlist. It varies depending on what mood I am in and what I want to achieve. I decided to share a selection of my must-haves for a chilled spa session. Note that these are also perfect for an “at-home” spa experience. Run a bath, light some candle, add some bath oil and you are set.

Cocteau Twins Lazy Calm

Anything by the Cocteau Twins could feature on my list of songs to spa to (and does) but this is particularly close to my heart. Taken from the album Victorialand, if I have a hard day or am feeling weary of the world, I put this on and relax in a hot bath full of fabulous aromatherapy oils. My true escape.

Bon Iver

I only discovered Bon Iver recently and it’s another album that I would include on my spa hit list. Ethereal, haunting and wintery.

Buddha Bar

Saturday night, glass of wine in hand and I like to mix it all up a bit. Without fail I will turn to the Buddha Bar series. Totally chilled and effortlessly cool with a mix of eastern beats blended with a touch French cool from Claude Challe. The first few compilations are the best. Number one and two – my favourites.

Bebel Gilberto

If I can’t afford to be on a tropical beach, the soft sounds of Bebel Gilberto will instantly transport me there – even if it’s only in mind and not body.  A brazilian singer in the bossa nova style, I adore this and am sure you will too. Imagine this as the soundtrack to your body scrub and massage. As soon as I hear the first few bars of Samba da Benção – I smile.


Known for various styles of music from glam rock to softer, more melodic tunes. The latest album offering has made my spa list. Here’s Annabel from Tales of Us. The whole album is well worth a listen. Rugged up on a wintry evening with a glass of red wine.


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