Spa-time at WOMAD festival

It’s become a bit of a “thing” to host pop-up spas at festivals. So, nestled amongst the trees at WOMAD Festival (23-26 July), The World of Wellbeing offers a calming space for festival-goers to relax, unwind and indulge in a host of holistic activities beyond the shady arboretum at Charlton Park. From massage, yoga and inner reflection, the options are as wild and varied as basket weaving and Didgeridoo Healing.

WOMAD 2012

A series of tents, yurts and cafes give you the chance to find tranquillity with a host of treatments to ease aches and pains or it might go a little deeper with self-reflection during discussions and workshops.

There’s a WOMAD Spa on site too which is kitted out with two outdoor jacuzzis, picturesque gardens, hammocks perfect for lounging, a wood-fired yurt sauna and treatment rooms. And WOMAD Spa Weekend ticket-holders can make the most of daily yoga classes, an exclusive backstage bar with a range of cocktails, luxury showers and loos, as well as a variety of aromatherapy, massage and beauty treatments.

WOMAD World of Wellbeing
Apparently Laughter Yoga, led by ‘Curly’ Steve Patterson, is hugely popular and returns to WOMAD this summer. Gong Baths and Sound Meditation is on the menu too – which is designed to ease the body into a state of total harmony, as the constantly shifting frequencies and rhythms lead the body and brain into a deeply meditative state.  Or why not choose Bow-Emm Therapy, a simple muscle release therapy that strives to achieve a more positive you. Promoting the body’s natural healing abilities, this method addresses pain and discomfort, improves movement restrictions and restores balance and stability.
This one’s my favourite – the festival has Didgeridoo Healing – low frequency use is thought to control breathing and it’s even said to cure snoring.

Massage at WOMAD festival

Great food is on offer with healthy options and international cuisine plus food workshops. Now this is much mroe than you would find in your local spa –  there are hands-on workshops including basket weaving, spoon carving, plus qu gong and yoga. Barthelemy Toguo will take up residency in the two weeks before the festival and use the arboretum as a giant canvas, creating a large outdoor art installation for all to enjoy.

There truly is something for everyone with an assortment of massage techniques (Thai, Swedish, Sports Remedial), reflexology, sound meditation (Singing Bowls, Rainsticks, Koshi Chimes, Copper Bells), reiki, chakra tuning and memory cleansing.

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