Spa Wars comes to ITVBe

Spa Wars - ITVBe

It had to happen: Spa Wars is a brand new competitive beauty series on ITVBe that pitches three rival salons owners against each other to find out whose treatments offer the best value for money.

Im not quite sure how enthusiastic I am about this. Will it be compelling TV or car-crash telly? I guess it’s more salon wars (from what I can gather) and not truly based in the spa. I guess it will be nail scissors at dawn and its likely to get bitchy.

Voiced by television personality Rylan Clark-Neal, each episode sees three local beauticians take it in turns to visit each other’s salons, where they are plumped, preened and pampered to perfection before deciding how much they’re willing to pay for their treatments. At the end of all three visits, the salon that’s been paid the highest percentage of their total bill is crowned that week’s Spa Wars Winner. These results are revealed to them by a surprise guest celebrity! It seems to mimic the Four in a bed series.

We are promised high drama, hilarious moments, unusual beauty treatments, and a hefty dose of criticism, because when beauty is your business, image is everything!

It starts tonight – Wednesday 28th June at 8pm on ITVBe
This is what the press release tells us about Episode 1:

In the first episode, viewers are in London where sassy Queen of social media Seda Ali kicks off the beauty contest. This Kim Kardashian lookalike is hoping to impress her first rival, effervescent party diva Tracey Lamey, with a Yummy Mummy Relaxation package – but will Seda succeed in impressing non-stop Tracey, and manage to get her to relax for the first time in years?

The third and final Spa owner of the week is unassuming Russian Andrei Fomin, who Seda immediately mistakes for an accountant… She hopes to wow him with an unusual digestive detox treatment – Navel Candling. But what will a bemused Andrei make of having a lit candle put in his tummy button? And will he feel any digestive benefits?

Day two sees international man of mystery Andrei reveal his beauty secrets – as Seda and Tracey discover he owns a traditional Russian sauna. Already apprehensive, both women’s concerns only grow when he announces their treatments will involve being beaten by tree branches in a sweltering hot sauna… Has Andrei blown his chances of success, or can he win over his rivals?

Last to host is beauty makeover guru Tracey, who specialises in extravagant weddings and school proms. Following yesterday’s unconventional day, Tracey wants to bring the competition back to glitz and glamour! Not one for doing things by half, she decides to give Seda a full on Prom Queen make-over – but will Seda like her heavy make-up? As for businessman Andrei, what will he make of his Male Grooming Package, including an eyebrow wax and manicure – both treatments he has never had before.

By the end of the week, all three beauticians have certainly made their mark on each other – but only one can be presented with the Spa Wars trophy. So who will triumph by being paid the highest percentage of their total bill?


    • It really was car crash television. Pitting salons against each other that were so completely different. Like chalk and cheese really. One was a Russian Banya centre. It made me sad as it was all for the drama and painted a poor picture of the professional beauty industry. Let alone representing spas – which none of these were.

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