Stoer Jet Set Facial for Men launches at airport spas

Stoer Jet Set facial for men launches atGatwick Spa, Virgin Clubhouse

STOER Skincare for Men, has launched the STOER Jet Set Facial for Men at the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse Spas at London Heathrow, London Gatwick and John F. Kennedy International Airport in the USA.

STOER Skincare for Men is a performance driven range of skincare products designed to act as the ultimate defence shield for male skin and protect it from the environment. STOER Jet Set Facial for Men, available from 1st August 2017 will raise the bar for male facial spa treatments at airport lounges.

Stoer Jet Set facial for men launches atGatwick Spa, Virgin Clubhouse


The facial is designed to recharge, replenish and rehydrate skin before boarding the plane with STOER’s power-packed range of products. It helps to reinforce the skin’s natural barrier and keep it feeling healthy, comfortable and protected so you can touchdown at your destination fresh-faced.

The STOER Jet Set Facial incorporates their signature cleanser, scrub, serum, eye serum and mask:

STOER Skincare for Men Firm & Protect Moisturising Serum
This turbo-charged high-tech layer of serum works wonders to hydrate and help soothe skin, combat environmental aggressors, strengthen the skin’s natural barrier and stimulate collagen production. When you reach your destination, light-weight is the most comfortable way to go. This rapidly-absorbed, matte-finish serum helps keep skin firmer, stronger and more resilient.

STOER Skincare for Men Vitamin Power Mask
This powerful dual purpose mask is like a vitamin shot for the face – it’s all about putting the good stuff back in when it’s needed most! Packed with antioxidant vitamins A, C and E, Pro Vitamin B5 and featuring the unique Clima 5™ Technology, this mask is the perfect way to help boost skin hydration and suppleness leaving stressed and dehydrated skin looking calmed, plumped and rejuvenated.

STOER Skincare for Men Energising Eye Serum
Thin, sensitive and vulnerable to environmental aggressors, the skin around a man’s eyes is often the first to show signs of stress, fatigue and premature ageing. Packed with actives, and specially formulated for the delicate skin around the eyes, this hydrating and soothing serum revitalises tired eyes, combats dark circles and helps minimise fine lines. Keep this clever trick up your sleeve to fake wide awake!

Stoer Skincare for Men

STOER Skincare for Men Detox Face Scrub
Gentle, yet effective is the way to go when it comes to removing dead cells and unblocking pores. Exfoliating your skin will immediately make it look better. This triple-textured scrub features mineral and volcanic exfoliants to gently shed away dry dead skin cells to reveal a fresher, smoother complexion.

STOER Skincare for Men Foaming Face Wash
A consistent cleansing routine will help preserve the skin’s natural barrier function which acts as the skin’s own defense shield, which is especially important when skin experiences different environmental extremes when travelling. As a creamy and hydrating cleanser, skin won’t be left dried out, just clean and nourished.

Stoer Jet Set facial for men launches atGatwick Spa, Virgin Clubhouse

Rebecca Creer, Spas & Styling Manager at Virgin Atlantic says: “We are always looking for new and innovative brands to partner with. Not only are Stoer products cutting edge, using new technology to deliver results, but Marianne is a real entrepreneur which fits so perfectly with our brand. The men’s skincare industry is a rapidly growing market and we want to make sure that we are offering only the best to our customers.”