Stoer Skincare for Men is modern, no-fuss and really works

Stoer Skincare for Men - The Spa Man

Stoer Skincare for Men is a bit of a revelation. A simple, effective, modern range of skincare for men that’s no-fuss, straight forward and really works. Born in the wilds of the North of Scotland, the range has been created by Marianne Morrison who has an interesting background, having worked in the oil industry and prior to that as a skin therapist. Combining her knowledge of skin and working closely with lots of blokes, she got to know the concerns and attitudes of men to skincare. So all-in-all she gained some very valuable insights.

Many years later and after much research and development she launched Stoer to market, firstly in Harvey Nichols and soon to spread its wings to other retailers. Its key premise is to protect and defend skin against the elements.

Stoer Skincare for Men has been developed with signature Clima5 Technology – a unique blend of five skin-saving plant actives from around the world, from four very challenging climates. Clima5 has been encapsulated in cutting-edge ‘cosmetic drone’ technology which is said to deliver the ingredient to where it is needed most.

Stoer Skincare for Men

Clima5 includes:

Peat from Scotland to shield and hydrate

Barbary Fig from Mexico to protect and soothe

Alpine plant from Italy to improve elasticity and firmness

Wakame from Japan to increase collagen and protect against pollution

Baobab Leaf from West Africa to protect against wrinkles

Stoer Skincare for Men

Stoer Skincare for Men – the products:

The range launched with five core products (there’s more to come later this year).

Vitamin Power Mask – £35

I absolutely love the Power Mask and it’s my favourite product from the range. It has a balm-like texture and is super hydrating and leaves the skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Foaming Face Wash – £24

I’ve been using this daily. It has a light scent and is great for the face, beard and a balding head.

Detox Face Scrub – £27

Features a trio of mineral, volcanic and natural exfoliants to help remove dead skin cells, unblock pores and minimise the risk of painful ingrown hairs. Gentle on the skin and has fine grains of sand (at least that’s what it feel like). Does the job with ease.

Firm & Protect Serum – £40

This is a light serum that doubles as a moisturiser. It does hydrate, so does its job, but personally I prefer a slightly thicker texture for my daily face product.

Energising Eye Serum – £32

I haven’t opened this one yet. Will do soon.


Stoer Skincare for Men has really struck a chord with me. I see so many skincare brands come and go in the men’s grooming market. So few of them deliver on their promises and many are just copy cats in sleek black or silver packaging that neither excite nor deliver. With Stoer, there are some excellent hero products in the range that I really love and I can’t wait to see future new product development.

Whilst I don’t like everything, that’s only to be expected, we all have our quirks and favourite textures. But from the initial launch portfolio of products, I think that Stoer Skincare for Men has a great future and will be here for many years to come.