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Super soft bath robes

The Spa Man in robes


One of the best things about going to a spa is donning the bath robe. I love a soft, white fluffy robe and feel a bit cheated when it’s a bit thin and obviously been through the wash one too many times. Get it right – and it bliss.

It’s possible to recreate that “aaahhh” feeling at home and my top pick is from Sheridan. The Adena Bath Robe is so soft and comfortable you will want to keep it on all day and laze around the house. 100% cotton, 420 gsm in weight – this robe means business. It’s comforting and will give you a little hug when you are feeling poorly and you could answer the front door in it and not look cheap.

I even wore the Sheridan Bath Robe for a recent photo shoot – modelled in the picture above.

Price: £49

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