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Aromatherapy Associates De-stress Edit

Aromatherapy Associates De-stress Edit launches

Aromatherapy Associates has launched its new De-Stress Edit, a curated collection of  stress easing products to combat how stress impacts our body, mind and skin. Stress affects pretty much everyone at some point and for many it’s a daily affliction. Being able to switch off and ease the mind is essential. Known as one the original pioneers of wellbeing (especially with its powerful aromatherapy blends), Aromatherapy Associates has created the De-Stress Edit, allowing you to de-stress at home, work and on-the-go along with lifestyle advice and tips from the panel of Wellbeing Experts. The products all work together and form a powerful armoury against stress related issues. But each can be used independently too.   The Aromatherapy Associates De-stress Edit contains: De-Stress Mind Bath & Shower Oil 9ml To give your mind clarity and focus with a calming blend of Frankincense, Petitgrainand Wild Camomile. De-Stress Muscle Bath & Shower Oil 9ml To treat your body to the warming blend of Rosemary, Black Pepper and Ginger plus the soothing powers of Lavender. De-Stress Muscle Gel 40ml The …

ESPA Winter Spice Reed Diffuser - The Spa Man

Five of the best: reed diffusers

Reed diffusers are like a grown up’s version of a scented candle. They infused the air with a gentle scent and aroma that can be calming and soothing or fragrant and uplifting. The old saying that you get what you pay for rings very true in this segment of the beauty industry. I have put my nose to many a reed diffuser only to draw back in horror. Sweet, sickly, cheap and nasty. Gift shops are the worst culprits. Hideous. Reed diffusers in the spa market are definitely worth the investment and give a rounded fragrance for the home that can enhance the mood because they are generally based on a blend of high quality essential oils. They last for weeks and weeks so it’s definitely worth upgrading to quality reed diffusers. Put one on your Christmas gift list now. Five of the best: reed diffusers     AromaWorks Serenity Reed Diffuser Uplifting and energising, the citrus, warm fragrance of lemongrass promises to energise the mind and body. Neroli calms and emotions and soothes stress. It’s a fabulous blend and one …

The Refinery launches at M&S - The Spa Man

The Refinery launches at M&S

Established in 2000, The Refinery has over 15 years’ experience in crafting great skincare products and perfecting the art of shaving and beard maintenance at its Mayfair HQ. From 1 September 2016, The Refinery launches at M&S. this premium men’s grooming brand will be available at selected M&S counters showcasing an iconic selection of products. It’s an interesting move that takes a world-renowned men’s spa and grooming brand to the masses. Partnering with some of the world’s best Mandarin Oriental Hotels and Spas, The Refinery has gained an international reputation for quality products that delivery great results. Power-packed with essential oils, The Refinery range is a pioneering skin care collection specifically formulated for men combining cutting edge technology with all the force of the finest quality highly concentrated essential oils. I’ve always been impressed with the product formulations. they are smartly packaged, with effective ingredients and a heady blend of essential oils that make the grooming regime an experience, not a chore. The Refinery products launching into M&S: The Refinery Face Wash – £20.00 The Refinery Shave Foam …