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Banya No.1 London - The Spa Man

Review: Traditional Russian Banya at Banya No.1 London

Tucked away on a quiet little back street in Shoreditch is the traditional Russian Spa, Banya No. 1. Offering a truly authentic take on the Banya experience, it’s all about the sauna and you are assured of getting all hot and sweaty. Most guests come to try the Parenie treatment which is set in the specially designed sauna. You literally lay down on the sauna bench and get whipped with leaves until your blood boils. It’s much more pleasurable than it sounds and it is a gentle therapy (to start) with light tapping of the leaves (mostly oak) across the body. The banchik uses the leaves the gather hot air from the sauna and wave this across the body. Focussing on the back, legs and then feet, it’s somewhat soothing and comforting to begin with, then your body temperature starts to rise. Resting your head on the beech with a pillow of eucalyptus and birch branches, these have been dipped on cool water and give a little relief. It’s when the focus shifts to the …

South Kensington Club Bathhouse Review - the Spa Man

Review: South Kensington Club, London

THE CLUB: Situated at the rear of the new South Kensington Club, the new Clubhouse is part spa, part bathing house and features a host of fitness suites, studios and a gym. The bathhouse which features [comfort zone] treatments in the therapy rooms and a brand new Banya suite offers some pretty serious wellness treatments for mind body and soul. A private entrance on a small mews leads to a compact reception. From here you are guided to the changing rooms which are large, elegant and have plenty of locker space and great amenities for members. A few treatment rooms offer your typical array of spa therapies, but it is the banya rooms that’s the most unique. Wooden walls, fireplace, large sauna and hammam set the tone for some serious heat treatments. Based on the traditional rituals of the banya from Russia, expect to be invigorated and alive at the end of a session. There is also a private hammam room for body scrubs and a private banya sauna. Most of the banya treatments take …