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Best beard Oils - The Spa Man

Six of the Best Beard Oils

The Spa Man picks six of the best beard oils. Designed to smooth, nourish and condition the beard, this category in the men’s grooming market really is having a moment. Beards continue to be “on trend” and no, we haven’t reached peak beard yet. That’s just the shaving companies trying to create a story. Adding a fine sheen to the beard whilst conditioning the hair is an essential part of the beard grooming ritual. Oils give less shape and style (balms and much better for that) but they do also work to condition and hydrate the skin if you work them through the hair. With all of these oils you will need to wash your hands afterwards. Some are really stubborn and take a while to remove. So here’s The Spa Man’s tried and tested selection of the Best Beard Oils. Brisk Cedarwood Beard Oil Apparently one Brisk grooming product is sold every minute. This beard oil contains a blend of natural and essential oils harnessing the earthy properties of cedarwood for its spicy, woody notes. …

The Great British Grooming Co. - The Spa Man

The Great British Grooming Co. reviewed

It seems that every day there’s another men’s grooming launch focussing on shaving and beards and then along comes one that actually rather good, enter: The Great British Grooming Co. The Great British Grooming Co. has launched a capsule range of four products with a light fragrance that refreshes and revitalises the beard. It’s blended with the hydrating, nourishing and skin boosting properties of Argan Oil. I particularly liked the Beard Wash and Beard Balm. The scent infused into the products is slightly spicy, but not heavily so. Sometimes the fragrance used in men’s products – especially for the beard is way too strong, this is the perfect balance. The Balm helps to style the beard and give it a nice sheen without too much residue or heaviness. The products are priced very competitively and won’t dent your grooming budget too much. and you can gran them in Superdrug. Perfect! The Great British Grooming Co. Wash Beard Wash will help you to cleanse and keep your facial hair smooth, sleek and untangled. It can also …

Arabian Beard Ritual - The Spa Man

Arabian Beard Ritual reviewed at The Spa at Dolphin Square

Capitalising on the continuing popularity of the beard trend (which I might note at this point – we have not yet reached peak beard), The Spa at Dolphin Square has added a rather impressive new treatment for men to its spa menu. The Arabian Beard Ritual is all about the beard. It’s not offered in a barbers chair and you won’t get a trim and style, but unlike anything I’ve experienced in a spa to date, your beard is cleansed, massaged and combed to perfection. To start, it begins with a light cleanse and hot towel refresh of the beard and so begins the ritual. Then, in true Moroccan style, the therapist applies thick, unctuous amounts of traditional black soap – Savon Noir. Arabian Beard Ritual Reviewed A potent blend of eucalyptus, it’s a heady cleanser that is used to lather up the follicles and hairs on the face in what can only be described as a good and thoroughly scrub. The muscles on the face are gently massaged which relieves tension in the jaw and was totally …

Bombay Sapphire The Art of Contemplation with Murdock London

Gin inspired grooming at Murdock London

There’s some gin inspired grooming at Murdock London during August and September as part of the promotion – The Art of Contemplation which sees Murdock partner with Star of Bombay, the newly launched super premium gin. From 1st August – 16th September 2016, visitors to the Murdock London stores in Soho, Covent Garden and Shoreditch will be able to enjoy a moment of contemplation with complimentary Star & Tonics during their grooming experience. Inspired by the slow vapour infusion distillation process used to create the newly launched Star of Bombay, The Art of Contemplation with Murdock London provides each and every client with the opportunity to upgrade their treatment with a Star & Tonic. The six-week long partnership will also feature private ‘How-To’ masterclasses, co-hosted by Bombay Sapphire’s brand ambassador Renaud de Bosredon as guests learn how to make the perfect Star of Bombay martini whilst absorbing grooming trips from Murdock London’s expert barbers. Gin inspired grooming at Murdock London So – how about the gin? Slowly distilled with the addition of two new botanicals, …

Elemis Men - The Spa Man

On National Men’s Grooming Day I’m increasingly frustrated by the lack of innovation in spa

National Men’s Grooming Day is a great way for what? For men to go out and celebrate grooming? I don’t think we will see the streets filled with blokes parading around holding their favourite shave gel or moisturiser up high. I’m increasingly frustrated by the lack of innovation in men’s spa treatments I visit about 30 spas a year and try lots of treatments, experiencing some of the very best the industry has to offer. I find it very frustrating that there’s a real lack of innovation in the market for men. Invariably the treatments will be repackaged generic beauty treatments that have been given a title “Energising facial for men” or “Sports massage for men” when in reality, its just the same old, same old. Repackaged, renamed and lacks thought or inspiration. Men are interested in visiting spas and numbers are increasing around the world. I have seen various figures about the number of men who visit spas – but its hard to get an accurate figure. According to Conde Nast Traveler magazine, 35% of spa …

Dolphin Square launches Arabian Beard Ritual - The Spa Man

Arabian Beard Ritual launches at The Spa at Dolphin Square

Developed in response to the current popularity of beards, I’m pleased to hear that the Moroccan themed Spa at Dolphin Square has developed a new Arabian Beard Ritual treatment to exclusively cater for its bearded clients. Set to launch on June 1st, the Arabian Beard Ritual is the brainchild of Dolphin Square’s Marketing Manager, Ricardo Faria Ornelas, who came up with concept based on the proven hygiene benefits of beard grooming. “The fact that facial hair is very course means that beards are likely to trap dirt and harbour germs which can lead to skin infections” Ricardo comments. “With this in mind, it is important to keep both the beard and the surrounding skin clean to maximise facial hygiene”. The Arabian Beard Ritual The 25 minute treatment starts with a cleansing ritual using Savon Noir soap to remove dead skin cells, leaving a smoother and brighter complexion. Part of the Spa’s traditional Moroccan Hammam ritual, Savoir Noir soap contains black olives and is rich in vitamin E, helping to soften and nourish the skin. Hot towels are then …

Charity shout-out for Decembeard

There’s no doubt you will have heard of Movember, and seen a host of men sporting Mo’s for charity. Less well known, but no less important is Decembeard. Since 2011, the charity, Beating Bowel Cancer has invited guys to take part in this fundraising challenge, helping to raise money for those affected by bowel cancer by getting sponsored to – you guessed it – grow a beard – in December. Beards are still on a high, so it’s very on-trend and with a great cause. This year L’Oreal Men Expert has joined in support of the campaign, which is hoping to raie £250,000. I liked the image that L’Oreal has created – shared below as it sums it all up nicely. Get donating now. for more information contact: Related articles across the web End of Movember: 9 supporters share their personal reasons for taking part