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Cliveden House Spa - The Spa Man

The hot new spa openings across the UK in 2017

Every year brings a range of new spa openings and 2017 has been no exception. London has certainly created a flurry of media attention with three stunning multi-million pound properties. But when you take a closer look you will see that the lion’s share of investment has taken place beyond the capital, where there are some excellent spa projects which have launched to critical acclaim. And these really offer some of the best spa experiences in the UK today. Read about the hot new spa openings in London here Champneys has expanded south, renovating the hotel at Eastwell Manor to offer its unique blend of spa and health resort to a new audience. Ye Olde Bell in Nottinghamshire combines modern build in the spa with old world charm in the 17th century  coachouse hotel. Whilst in Berkshire the famous Cliveden House has redeveloped its spa with impressive results. Then further North in Yorkshire, Rudding Park has opened to great fanfare with a roof top spa and a huge range of thermal and hydrotherapy options to satisfy the most jaded spa-goer. …

Champneys Mineral Detox Bath Salts

THE STORY: Champneys Mineral Detox Collection was inspired by the popular Thalassotherapy treatment available at Champneys Spas. There are four products in the collection enriched with sea minerals and seaweed extracts to help detoxify the skin. I decided to give the Mineral Detox Bath Salts a go. It’s quite a potent smell and slightly sickly and synthetic. Once you mix it into a bath, it’s not so strong, but not my favourite. THE SCIENCE: The bath salts are formulated with a blend of seaweed extract and sea salt to help detoxify, leaving your skin feeling cleansed, smooth and refreshed. It’s said to have scents of patchouli, lemon peel oil and orange oil that are designed to revive and refresh. I got a lemony scent. THE VERDICT: Sadly, I wouldn’t bathe in it again. Sorry, thumbs down for this one. THE DETAILS: £8

Cooling Muscle Rub

THE STORY: Champneys is a name synonymous with spa. With health retreats across rural England, it’s a name that most people will recognise and it’s a brand they trust. Having created an at-home spa range for the girls a few years back, it was only a matter of time before the launch of a men’s line. That’s been around for a while now and it was interesting to see the launch of a new diffusion sports therapy line. It’s all very clear cut, easy to understand and addresses the key concerns for men’s skin, designed with the gym, locker room and sports bag in mind. It’s not overly fussy and is branded simply and has a good price point, making it affordable. From the range the hero for me has to be the Cooling Muscle Rub. It does what it says and works in an instant. The other product I tried is the Dual Action Face Wash that’s dispensed through one of those handy foaming pump dispensers. These really are the best for a lazy guy …