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ivea Men Anti-irritation Body Shaving Range

Nivea Men Anti-irritation Body Shaving range launches

Nivea Men has responding to public demand by launching a new range of products specifically for body shaving. Simply called – Nivea Men Anti-irritation Body Shaving range – it does what it says on the tin. According to the experts, men are swayed by the buff bodies of Love Island, and some 64 % of men now shaving some part of their body (research by Nivea). It also appears that, until now they have been using facial shaving gels, shampoo and shower gels to try and get a smooth body shave. This can (again according to the survey) cause irritation amounts those asked. I hold my hands up and declare I only clipper body hair (shoulders and back), I proudly maintain my chest hair and legs – they don’t bother me. But whether its for sport, fitness or the latest celebrity look for Instagram, smooth shaved bodies for guys appears to be here to stay. And let’s be honest, Nivea wouldn’t develop a range if it didn’t thin it would sell.   Nivea Men Anti-Irritation Body …