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How to Treat pigmentation - The Spa Man

How to treat pigmentation, dark spots and uneven skin tone

When someone asks: “How to treat pigmentation”, the number one message is all about prevention and protection and that is absolutely vital when it comes to pigmentation. It’s easier to prevent than to treat it. Having said that, there are some great ways that skincare boffins have discovered to help reduce dark spots, uneven skin tone and pigmentation using the latest skincare technology. We talk to some of the world’s leading skincare experts to discover what pigmentation actually is and how to treat pigmentation and dark spots too. What is pigmentation? Dr Murad explains: “Hyperpigmentation, age spots and freckles are all signs of melanin coming to the surface of damaged skin. Sun damage is a major, although not sole, cause of pigmentation and results in a less even skin tone which can make people look older. Sun damage not only causes hyperpigmentation but also results in a rougher, drier texture, dark circles around the eyes and wrinkles – all which add to an older-looking skin.” Dr Nicholas Perricone elaborates further saying: “Hyperpigmentation is one of …