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CBx for Men Perricone MD - The Spa Man

What’s hemp got to do with it? Perricone MD launches CBx for Men

CBx for Men is the new capsule collection of men’s products from Perricone MD and boy do they deliver. I’ve been trialling them for over a month and have been suitably impressed with the textures, skin fell and results. I wondered what the CBx stood for – but it is a reference to phytocannabinoids, which is a key ingredient the three products in the Perricone MD CBx for Men skincare line. Formulated with Cannabis Sativa, phytocannaboids promise to visibly calm irritation, smooth the skin, balance oily patches, and help to maintain hydration in the skin. Phytocannabinoids are non-psychoactive cannabinoids derived from the cannabis sativa plant and have no recreational use. The phytocannabinoids used in the CBx for Men range are extracted from the mature stalk of the fiber-type hemp plant. Phytocannabinoids are said to deliver powerful antioxidant benefits which help stressed, oil-prone skin feel soothed, healthy and refreshed. These benefits are especially important for mens skin which tends to be dry and irritated as a result of shaving or frequent exposure to the elements. so this is …

3-Day Facelift Diet (it’s very fishy)

That’s what Dr Perricone is promising with this fish fest. Don’t be misled – you will eat a LOT of salmon following this diet, it’s jam-packed with Omega oils and backed up by the skin doctor’s philosophy on supplying vitamin and oil rich foods to the skin. Ocado, the online supermarket now makes the diet as easy as pie, you can buy everything you need online (and it’s quite a bit) all in one easy package. Did I say you eat a lot of fish? It’s morning, noon and night. Oh and yes, there’s the eggs. Actually in fairness when you look at the meal plan (below), it’s really healthy, amazingly nutritious and delivers everything you need. It promises a visible difference in your skin in just three days. Too good to be true?  That’s what it promises. Dr Perricone recommends the 3-Day Face Lift Diet as the perfect way to jumpstart his 28-Day Plan – this will allow you to see a drop in weight and visible results in your skin right away. and …

Superfood alert: Chia’s here

THE STORY: Every year brings us a new superfood and this year it’s Chia. It’s everywhere, lighting up Twitter, being reviewed across blogs and gaining plenty of column inches in the papers. I was sent some Chia Shots and Chia Oil (from The Chia Co.) and they sat in the cupboard for a few weeks – untouched and unloved. But this week I was visiting Grayshott Spa for an introduction to The Grayshott Programme and once again – Chia appeared. On the menu this time – at breakfast. It was those pesky little seeds again. So this morning, I soaked some seed in water and mixed them with my porridge. It looked a bit like tapioca, but tasted ok and I’m sure it provides plenty of fibre for the bowels. I also tried the Chia Oil on some steamed vegetables at lunch time, sprinkled with fresh herbs. It was light, had a mild, slightly atringent taste – but wholly satisfying. And it’s not just the nutritional benefits that are being promoted – it’s being used …

Deep Moisture

THE STORY: Dr Perricone is a doctor from the States who knows a thing or two about skin. He’s just launched Perricone MD Deep Moisture Therapy which is destined to become a hero product as it’s a rescue remedy for dry, dehydrated skin. Full of anti-oxidants, it also helps calm inflamed skin too. After the first application I could really feel a difference. This isn’t just any high street moisturiser (and the price confirms that). THE SCIENCE: Deep Moisture Therapy has been formulated with Palm oil, Borage oil and Coconut Oil – all contain a natural compound of Tocotrienols (which is both hydrating and anti-ageing).  Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C ester lock in moisture and give the skin a boost. Dr Perricone’s patented delivery system allows nutrients to absorb instantly. THE VERDICT: It’s super-hydrating and feels like its creating a protective layer on the skin. THE DETAILS: 59ml – £69.50 and