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Rites for Life - Anne Lewis

I experienced an energy session with Anne Lewis, facilitator of Rites for Life

When I was in Sydney earlier this year I was introduced to Anne Lewis, facilitator of Rites for Life. Anne is an unassuming woman with a gentle manner and calming presence. Her one-to-one sessions are renowned amongst those in the know and definitely something to seek out for those in need of balance and rejuvenation. Sessions combine energy work that focuses on the chakras and meridian lines. But each session is totally unique and I guess they would be different each time too, depending on your needs, state of mind and current physical, mental and spiritual situation. At the time, I had been travelling quite a bit, was a touch jet lagged and felt rather tired. My session included some vibrational energy work which focussed on the stomach, where I hold stress. She instantly identified this weak spot for me and spent much of her time releasing the energy flow in this area and spent some time focussing on the liver too. I felt an incredible release and an expansion of the whole torso. Combing some conversation and discussion with …